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Not every customer is concerned about finding the lowest price.  While it is important, there are other factors that influence their decision to purchase.

When considering a purchase,Guest Posting customer needs are fairly simple.  Not every customer is concerned about finding the lowest price.  While it is important, there are other factors that influence their decision to purchase.  If the price is competitive, customers instinctively weigh other factors such as quality, value, dependability, delivery and sometimes popularity.  If they are teetering on the edge and are finding it difficult to make a decision, an iron clad guarantee may be just the tactic to push them over the edge.

Your guarantee should take into account known fears, concerns and apprehension customers may experience when considering a purchase.  You know that you sell reliable products and offer dependable services, but how do you prove that to a potential buyer?  Perhaps if you look at it from the customer’s perspective, you might be able to relate to some of their concerns. If you were buying a product or service from your own company, would a 100% money-back guarantee give you the peace of mind to buy with confidence?

When you offer a guarantee, you are telling the customer you have absolute confidence they will be satisfied with their purchase.  That is a powerful statement because the customer is reassured that a product may be returned or the cost of service reimbursed if it did not meet their expectations.  The customer feels empowered and is more likely to buy when you back up products and services with a guarantee.

Here are a couple examples you may wish to consider...

1.    Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to offer a guarantee for a set number of days as opposed to a year or two.  One of the most common guarantees is a 30 day satisfaction guarantee or the money is cheerfully refunded.

2.    A price guarantee is another idea.  Advertise that you will beat any advertised price by 10% for an identical product.

When you decide to develop and offer a guarantee for your products and services, mention it on the Home page of your website, include it in your print advertising and get decals made to apply on your company vehicles.  Let your customers know that you believe in quality and service excellence and you are ready to back it up with a guarantee to prove it.

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