Promotional Gift Ideas For the Landscaping Industry

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In this article, I introduce some of the most popular promotional products for the landscaping and gardening industry.  Products such as promotional pens, mouse mats, tape measures and clip boards are all ideal for printing with your company logo and details for promotion.

If you are a retailer,Guest Posting manufacturer or supplier in the garden design industry, you already know that the competition is more fierce now than it has ever been before. You want to rise above your competitors and gain as much recognition of your brand as possible. Promotional gifts for your clients and customers are a relatively inexpensive and very personal way to increase your brand awareness and show customer appreciation. In this article different kinds of promotional gifts that are well-suited to the garden design industry will be discussed.

Promotional pens

Printed pens are always a good gift because most people working in the garden industry (especially at the retail level) do a lot of writing. They are inexpensive and come in many styles and colors. Your company's name and contact information are printed right on them so that they serve as a functional business card. Make sure that the promotional pens you choose as promotional gifts write well and are easy to hold, otherwise your pen will not be used and your message is lost.


Promotional clipboards are another item that are used frequently by top designers and sales staff. People always appreciate getting new ones as clipboards will often break or become unsightly with dirt or stains. Clipboards as a promotional gift are available in many colors and have a large area to print your information on, so that every time your clipboard is used your brand name will gain more exposure.

Tape measures

Promotional tape measures are a staple tool in the landscaping industry and it is always best to have spares available. They have ample space for the printing of your logo and contact information. When you are choosing a tape measure as a promotional gift in the landscaping industry it's best to select one that is at least 16 feet (5 meters) long, while 25 feet (8 meters) is optimal. When it comes to tape measures that are used frequently (and you really do want them to be used instead of tucked away in a drawer) it is a good idea to spend a bit more to get higher quality.

Mouse Mats

With the increase in use of the laptop presentation, custom mouse mats are an excellent promotional gift. Not only will your customers be exposed to you name constantly, if you are a manufacturer, your client's customers will be exposed as well. Mouse mats can be made in a wide array of shapes and colors, and like the clipboard they have a large printable area for your company information and even product photographs.


The Landscape and gardening industry is full of very creative people and you want to choose a promotional gift that will best suit their needs. As with other industries such as interior design it is best to choose promotional gifts that are stylish and elegant in design as well as functional. A good promotional product dealer will be able to help you pick out designs and colors that will have the best impact. Make the first step in increasing your sales and exposure by contacting your promotional gift supplier today.

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