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Nov 13 06:24 2006 Careece Chichester Print This Article

The Predator Marketing System is a state-of-the-art, fully automated income producing home business opportunity and internet marketing training system.

If you are new to the internet marketing world you will hear that 95% of all home based businesses fail because of the lack of training and direction. Predator Marketing has a training system in place with daily live sessions that gives the members a turn by turn road map to achieve their marketing destination. These training sessions are laid out in graduated process from freshman to senior classes. Showing anyone starting an at home based business the basics of making money online.

Also included in the Predator marketing package is the Mentors on a Mission training course; “Make Money or Make Excuses”; that many home business professionals regard as the best home business training system on the Internet. As well as a Veretekk silver membership and training. Veretekk is the foundation of the Predator’s lead generation system.

Since its start up in September,Guest Posting 2006 Predator Marketing system has help 100’s of online business entrepreneurs to achieve their financial destination.

“Mentors on a Mission has taken automated marketing to the next level. Predator Marketing System differs from PAS in various ways. First of all, we have a much more cost-effective lead generation, so our members do not have to purchase expensive lead packs each month. The state-of-the-art lead generation and traffic system Predator uses has a monthly cost of US$41.95 and at the same time it promotes the Predator Marketing System, it promotes itself and builds a secondary income stream,” said Mr. Alan Turnquist, founder and CEO of Mentors on a Mission.

“Secondly, in addition to the system, we offer real products, training courses that offer true value to members. When someone purchases the Predator Marketing System, the training course they get is worth many times it’s cost. We teach people the necessary skills and methodology they need to build a successful home business.”

“Predator is released to give more people access to a wealth building system that does not require sales skills, prospecting, making phone calls or working long hours. Predator will work for anyone.”

“Predator builds the user’s existing business, generates multiple income streams, and promotes itself. Prospects visiting a system owner’s site will submit a contact request and will be called back by a highly trained closer. The closer will close the sale for the site owner and each time that happens the site owner earns US$1,000 or US$3,000 net profit.

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