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This article provides details about the features of the dynamics 365 calendar and other calendars with it.  Gives brief information about what can be done in the calendars to manage tasks and events. 

Days are running fast,Guest Posting and so is life! In this fast going life, people sometimes forget about their meetings and other important work. Here comes the role of the Dynamics 365 calendar. 


The calendar helps manage activities, making it easy to manage tasks, appointments, calls, etc. Dynamics 365 calendar also consists of an activity calendar. It provides features like multiple language support, mobile compatibility, drag-and-drop reschedule, and many more. 


What can the ideal Dynamics 365 calendar do?   



  • Calendar Sharing



A shared calendar is a good calendar. When you know your employees’ schedule, there are less likely to have collisions when planning events and appointments. With a bird’s eye view of this, everyone can work more efficiently.



  • Tracks Productivity



The calendar helps to manage tasks given to the employees. It helps track activities and overviews the daily tasks and schedules.



  • Utilizing Resources 



It helps to find available resources easily. This helps to plan schedules and utilize full time and skills. This keeps track of human resources and can keep track of general office resource management. 



  • Detects duplication



Duplicate events create a mess of collisions and whatnot. With duplication detection, you can get a clean calendar with the right events. This helps avoid conflicts that stem from miscommunicated activity assignments and more. 


Features of Dynamics 365 Calendar


  • Improves activity management


Helps to create and manage tasks related to accounts, contacts, users, etc. This all is done effortlessly with improved activity conflict management.


  • Resource Management


It helps to manage contacts, users, tasks, and more easily. Also, easy to create activities and assign related resources accordingly.


  • Manage custom activities


Adds custom activities apart from the default ones. One can add anything to it, from a phone call or birthdays to meetings and more. 


  • Fully configurable


It helps get a quick overview of ongoing activities and tasks. It helps to create a personal dashboard that can have custom activities like tasks, meetings, requirements, etc., apart from default activities.


  • Save multiple calendars


It has templates to create different calendar views. One can easily access, share and create a saved calendar view when required; this can manage a team calendar and personal activity calendar easily. 


  • Real-time Reminders


Setting up events on your calendar is only one part of the story. Making it to those meetings at the right time and with the right information is even more important. With reminders, that can be simple! 


Along with Dynamics 365 calendar, there is another service calendar that provides various services. The service calendar Dynamics 365 helps to manage and create services in calendars along with the activities. This calendar does some various tasks and activities.


  1. View the organization’s daily, weekly and monthly schedule of service activities.
  2. View work and service activity schedule for a variety of resources.
  3. Create new appointments and service activities.
  4. Change status of existing service activities.
  5. Search for conflicts in activities.


One can not customize the service calendar or change the default view. 


What can be done in the Service Calendar? 


  1. To view a list of resources, appointments, and service activities for anyone in the organization: Type list> Select Resource> View List> Resource View.
  2. To find a specific resource: Search Box> Type few letters> Output.
  3. To view details of resources, appointments, service activities: Select record in the list> Zoom scale at the bottom> Expand Button> Double click record.
  4. It helps to change the date, day from the calendar pane that appears on the right side of the calendar.
  5. To change how much of the calendar is available to view, use the Zoom scale. Select specific date ranges to view in the From and To lists.


End Words

Dynamics 365 calendar and service calendar dynamics 365 helps to manage and create various activities. Using this calendar, it is easy to create appointments, tasks, service activities, and many more. A convenient calendar makes for convenient work.


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This article provides details about the features of the dynamics 365 calendar and other calendars with it.  Gives brief information about what can be done in the calendars to manage tasks and events. 

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