The Art Guild House: A solution to your quest for a high class business space

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This article gives a solution to your high class business space requirement in the top class areas of the city.

Owing to the space crunch in and around the metro cities in the country,Guest Posting it is quite hard to find a commercial property or spaces for offices. At such times, what most of the builders are keeping in mind is to provide maximum office spaces by increasing the number of floors and lessening the area per work space. The sole purpose of creating such crammed spaces is to increase the commercial properties and office spaces for rent. Due to the expanding businesses and the need for work spaces, there are people who are in constant frenzy for acquiring commercial properties.

In these conditions, coming up with the concept of the Art Guild House and turning it into reality, the Phoenix Group has actually achieved a splendid feat. The commercial property that was launched in 2014 and ready by June 2015 is a wonder created by Ar. Sinora Penkar. Spread over a whopping large area of 7.8 lakh sq. ft. and offering 179 office spaces ranging from 900 to 4000 sq. ft. The architectural marvel consists of 6 floors and two basements and is located in the heart of the central suburbs of Mumbai.

The Art Guild House is a perfect amalgamation of art and commerce in true sense. Five out of the six floors consist of plush office spaces with artwork from great artisans adorning the lavishly lit up lobbies. One floor is completely dedicated to art. The building itself is a masterpiece in itself with unmatched interiors and exteriors designed with great efficiency. Be it the lightwells, the spiral ladders, the canopies, the façade or the intrinsically planned floor decors, the architect has surely tried to create focus points that are bound to capture eyeballs of visitors. As it is the property would be a full- fledged commercial building with high end businesses and office spaces that would cater to a wide range of public. Also, situated in the Phoenix Market city and at an easily accessible location, the businesses and offices that are housed in the Art Guild House would be attracting a lot of crowd from all classes of the population, with the niche crowd being a substantial part of the visitors.

As an important commercial property in the central suburbs of Mumbai, the office spaces available on rent would also be priced quite high owing to the various befitting factors that the building offers. The large office spaces on rent would be affordable by businesses and showrooms that are high on the financial end and can afford to invest a fortune in acquiring new commercial office spaces. Also the crowd that the complex would attract would be of the top class population as mentioned earlier, which would in turn offer a huge impetus to the businesses that put up their workspace in the complex, offering a great blend of corporate culture with the fine sophistication of art.

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