Transition Your Mind!! From Dependant Employee to Self-Sufficient Entrepreneur

Jun 5


Dave Hertner

Dave Hertner

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Author : Dave Hertner
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Title : "Transition Your Mind!! From Dependant
Employee to Self-Sufficient Entrepreneur"

Description: You are the only warden over your mind. The
steps outlined in this article hold the keys that can free
your mind to see all of the opportunities out there.

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"Transition Your Mind!!
From Dependant Employee to Self-Sufficient Entrepreneur"
by Dave Hertner
© Copyright 2002
All Rights Reserved

There are a great many of you out there who are poised and
ready to move into the next phase of your lives but you are
stuck in the starting gate!! You have dedicated a part of
yourself to the romance and excitement that surrounds a new
business venture but there is something holding you back.

Today, I'm going to help you see into yourself so you can
take an honest look at why you're having trouble making the
transition into entrepreneurship.

As you grow yourself out of your current situation towards
entrepreneurship, you will pass through three phases of

The first phase is the DEPENDENCY PHASE. Physical dependence
is the same as if you were hooked on some sort of substance.
Your mind has decided that it is completely reliant on
something. It doesn't have to be a substance!! It could be a
family location. It could be a physical impairment. It could
be that you don't own the type of clothing that your mind
needs to see your body in before it can accept that you can
be someone different.

The mental and emotional component of this dependence is the
most important part to understand. If you cannot get a
handle on your dependencies in this area you will get stuck
in this phase. That said, this is also the most liberating
door to walk through. You have to sit your self down and
take an HONEST look at your life up to this point. Remind
yourself about your dreams!! Accomplishment in the absence
of dreams is impossible!! Open yourself up to the possible
and focus your energy toward that goal!!

The TRANSITION PHASE is the 'get up and go' phase. Here you
are with a fresh look at yourself and a great business idea.
You now face the fear of starting or, if you teem it with
inertia, ' Fear of Departure'. This happens often when you
have a secure, well paying job that you are contemplating
leaving. There are two things that can combat this fear. You
need the support of your family and friends and you need to
have a business plan that you have completely internalized.
This will give you the courage to step away (mentally at
first) from that perceived security which is exactly what is
holding you back.

The business planning that you have done up to this point
will kick in now to carry you on through the execution
portion of the transition phase. Lots of work needs to be
put forth to ensure that your business is successful.
Congratulations!! You're out of the starting blocks!!!

The last phase of development is the most gratifying. This
is when your mind re-learns to open up. When you were a
child, your mind was wide open to new things. That is how
children can absorb so much so fast. Successful people, as
compared to lucky ones are those that keep their minds open
to opportunities. They are also emotionally ready to
capitalize upon those opportunities.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this simple thought.
You are the only warden over your mind. You hold the keys
that can free your mind to see all of the opportunities out

Remind yourself of your dreams. See yourself for what you
are today. Plan for your transition to success. Execute that
plan and then allow your mind to be free and open to all of
the opportunities that come along.

To the success of your business!!!

Dave Hertner


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