Where's That Map to the "Yellow Brick Road"?

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How does one go about building an income online? You can look at 50 ... you will find 50 ... ... each have the map to the ... ... many people find what they

How does one go about building an income
online? You can look at 50 advertisements
and you will find 50 different promises
that each have the map to the "Yellow
Brick Road".

Too many people find what they think is
the correct map. Why because,Guest Posting this
particular map salesman guarantees you
will find the Wizard, a pot of gold
and a few servants to tote these riches
around for you.

When the first map fails to help them
find the fantastic life promised, they
search for another.

Wow! This map salesman has promised a
map to the pot of gold, the riches that
will be found there and a small tropical
island where they can kick back on the
beach and sip drinks with toys in them.

It all sounds so fantastic.

My advice. Stop looking for the map and
start implementing good solid business

What does that consist of?

Here are a few basic tips that can help
you get started in the right direction.

If you have been around anyone who is
having success in the marketing business,
you have heard the first tip over and

Start building a list.

I hear. You don't have time. I'm only adding
a few people each week. I could go on and
on with the reasons you can't accomplish
this feat.

It does not matter how slow the process
begins, don't put it off any longer.
Start building a list now.

But I don't have time to put out an ezine.

There are many ways to start building a

Give away something on your website in
exchange for a name and email address.

There are ebooks all over the place. Find
some with valuable information and give
them to your visitors.

Give away information courses. This is
one of the best ways available today. In
fact, this not only provides you with the
means to obtain email addresses, it also
gives you the opportunity to introduce
your products as well.

You don't have time to write them?

There are many who offer the rights to
these courses for a price.

Someone wrote and told me they would
never pay to obtain material to give
away for free.

My answer to that. If you still feel
that way, you need to go back and start
learning how to rollover. You are
certainly not ready to crawl much less
walk or run in this business.

Once you find some ways to start building
a list, you need to find ways to start
making some income.

This is one place many throw all reason
out the window. They try to sell every
product that comes along.

To make matters even worse, they spend
too much money on unproven ads. Don't
just start throwing money away. Test
your ads before spending a lot of money
on any ad campaign.

Find a good solid product that you can
see a great demand for. Write some ads,
test them and when you find a couple
that are getting good responses, then
start spending a little more on the
ads that have proven they work.

This is a great way to start making
a little money while you build your

As you become successful with one
product, you can add others to your
arsenal as well. Just don't jump into
too many at once and by all means do
so without putting yourself at great
financial risk.

This is not to say, don't spend money
advertising. To be successful, you are
going to have to allot yourself an
advertising budget. Just use it

Selling products or services can be
great for bringing in some income but
the goal that most of us are looking
for is to build a residual income.

The income that continues month after
month without having to sell another
ebook or piece of software.

This should be another part of your
marketing plan. Find a good program
that you have confidence in. Find one
where you have an upline that is
there to offer assistance.

This does not mean an upline that
builds your income. If you are not
willing to work, you are not going to
succeed. Just find people who are
trying to build an income for their
future just like you.

Start spending some time and some of
your advertising budget each month
and start building that residual
income. It won't happen overnight,
so start now.

Start building a list, find some
products or services that you have
confidence in and start selling them
to build a little income for the
present. Then find a program that
can help you start building a residual
income for your future.

These steps will not make you rich
overnight but with some time, effort
and a little money for some education
and a reasonable advertisement budget,
you can start building a successful
business on line.

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