Which mens underwear style is great for active teenage boys?

Apr 8




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In this post, you will know about the different men's underwear styles and how they help to look confident and comfy for teenage boys. must check out the detailed article here:


Men's underwear style which sounds great for active teenage boys is men's jockstrap underwear. Men's jockstrap underwear is appropriate for those who are engaged in strenuous sports such as basketball,Which mens underwear style is great for active teenage boys? Articles baseball, football, volleyball, track, and field, etc. Make sure to add a cup to it for better protection. 


What are jockstraps?

Jockstrap underwear for men is a style that comes with a waistband, two elastic straps, and a pouch to provide support to your male genitals. Furthermore, this style was created almost 150 years ago for bicyclists as they used to ride a bicycle on Cobblestones. These days, not only jockstraps are worn for support but even for flaunting assets. 

Keeping all these benefits in mind, men's jockstrap underwear is advised for active teenage boys.


The right age to wear male jockstraps

Well, the right age to wear male jockstraps is after 12 years. If you rode a bike or like we mentioned, involved in strenuous activities, wearing a jockstrap is very essential.


How to wear jockstraps for sports?

Before you decide to give male jockstrap a chance, you need to follow a few instructions.

  1. Keep an eye on the fit

Whether you wish to opt for fashionable pair of male jockstraps or the one which is made for your sports, you need to check whether that specific style is correct for you as this mens underwear style looks and provides the wearer right comfort when in the right size.


To know your size, measure your waist and pouch. Furthermore, the pair should be tight enough to lift as well as hold your manhood and testicles close to the body. Make sure that the style who are purchasing isn't contributing to issues like chafing that can lead to jock itch.

This mens underwear style is great for those teenage boys that are involved in running, such as track and field or basketball. A cup is necessary when you are playing contact sports.


  1. Will you be wearing a cup?

Cup is recommended to boys who are involved in contact or speeding projectiles, such as hockey, soccer, baseball, football, or mixed martial arts. Cup is a hard molded piece of plastic or metal that fits inside the jockstrap pouch. Furthermore, some men prefer wearing a cup-jockstrap on an everyday basis while playing sports to prevent any sort of injury down there.


  1. Teenage boys should choose cups wisely

If you are new to "THE WORLD OF MALE JOCKSTRAP", the basic thing which you should know is not every cup is designed for every sport. Therefore, you should know which type of cup will suit the sport which you are playing. This way you can achieve comfort and a fair amount of protection. For instance, for sports like lacrosse or baseball, consider a titanium cup as they are fast-moving sports.


Cups with cushioned edges are great as they provide you great comfort whereas a heard edge cup will transfer the force of the blow to the pelvic area. Moreover, a soft edge cup is great during impact for better cushioning. 


Note: Make sure your men's jockstrap underwear is tight enough to prevent the cup from rolling as well as twisting. In case you think the jockstrap with cup fits too loose, you can consider wearing compression shorts over them.


  1. Compression shorts 

Compression shorts is another men's underwear style that offers you similar support to that of male jocks. Further, there are compression shorts include a pouch designed to hold a protective cup. However, there are compression shorts with a pouch that does not hold the cup tight against the body. 

In such cases, it's always better and safe to wear a cup in a cup-jockstrap instead of opting for tight-fitting compression shorts over the cup-jockstrap. This will hold the cup firmly in place as well as tight against the body. 


Final thoughts

Teenage boys should be very cautious about the men's underwear style that are preferring to because they are in a growing stage hence it is very essential to look for supportive mens underwear styles, give your manhood enough room to breathe, and be comfortable. 

On the other hand, if you are involved in any kind of sports, it's always preferrable to choose male jockstrap instead of boxer briefs, male briefs, and boxers as these are not ideal for an athletic and active lifestyle.