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It is just crazy. Every time I open my mouth to talk ... ... it is like I am speaking a foreign ... my ... My local audience that is.Here in my country of Jamaica, the a

It is just crazy. Every time I open my mouth to talk about
Internet marketing,Guest Posting it is like I am speaking a foreign language
to my audience. My local audience that is.

Here in my country of Jamaica, the average person does not even
know how to send an email. Ezines, search engines, optimization
and the like are non-existent to the ordinary man on the street.

Some people even look at me as a genius for knowing how to
create, design and market a website. What they don’t realize is
that the whole process is not as complex as they might think.
Anyone of them can learn to do the same thing as long as they
apply themselves to the situation.

At one time, I did not even know how to turn on a computer. The
very first time I saw what HTML looked like I was stunned. How
could I learn to do that was the question on my mind because it
look like something only geeks could do.

But I was wrong. Most persons working online are plain ordinary
people. They just saw an opportunity and decided to go after it.
And that could be anyone even you.

Since being online, I have learnt and done things that even
surprise me. Building a website, optimization, marketing, writing
articles and ezine publishing were totally unknown to me. But I
realized that in order to make it one day, I would have to learn
as much as possible.

And what many people don’t realize is that it does not have to
cost you a ton of money. Most of my knowledge has been garnered
from doing lots of research and reading. There are countless free
resources available online that you can use to build up your
knowledge base. The best part about it is that it costs you
nothing but some of your time.

Each day I tell people about the Internet and the wonderful
opportunities it presents to the ordinary man. What I am not
going to tell them is that it is an easy road. Building a
business online or offline is similar and does require the
necessary attributes to become successful.

Look at me. I have done Internet marketing for several years
without a computer, credit card and the bare essentials. But that
is not going to stop me from trying. And neither should you

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