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Wedding day is known to be the bride’s day. As she is the center of everyone’s attraction,Guest Posting to see her walk down the aisle in her beautiful white mermaid wedding dresses, covered in her veil and holding her bouquet is what everybody waits for. Apart from the customary white gowns and color scheme bride’s maid dresses, you can always wear alternative mermaid style wedding dresses of any color you like. If you can’t have a destination wedding, you can definitely have the theme of that destination at your wedding. Given below are some alternative wedding dresses which you can choose from if you like to think out of the box.Many people come up with adding themes to their weddings as it makes the ceremony informal and fun. Beaded wedding dresses or mermaid wedding dresses are also popular for some brides, but there are some cultures in the world which have wedding dresses according to their traditional attires with flowers and beaded necklaces to go with the mermaid wedding dresses. Mentioned below are a few alternative mermaid wedding dresses which not only look good but are also quite comfortableA traditional African Buba gown which is looks like strapless mermaid wedding dresses and well crafted can be combined with some contemporary fabric to change it’s style. You can combine it with some of your own choice of accessories to give it a personal touch.If you are a fabric fan, you can use some of the traditional Asian floral or simple fabric to create a gown with bright colors like yellow mermaid wedding dresses and Oriental flair like red mermaid wedding gowns which means good luck.Theme weddings, as mentioned above are quite popular with today’s couples. If your wedding theme is of the Renaissance period, you can make a rich mauve colored gown with a lavender tightly laced corset. You can have other themes like a Gelloth theme with silky black wedding dresses and a plunging neckline.If you’re having a beach wedding or a Vegas wedding, you can wear a bikini dress like the one Courtney Cox flaunts in “The Shrink is In”. A Vegas wedding is a great chance for the bride to wear a tight cocktail dress with knee length leather boots and cool accessories.If you’re having a mountain or an open space summer wedding, you can wear a satin and lace cinched waist wedding gown with a big hat instead of bridal veils.As it’s the bride’s day and no one can say anything wrong to her that day, it’s all about her comfort. If you are comfortable wearing trousers with a top, you can opt for that too.Another idea for alternativewedding dresses is a simple crochet skirt and blouse with a removable trail so you can pull it off, for the reception and enjoy your party to the fullest.If you’re a lace lover, you would love to wear the Bohemian designs of alternative mermaid wedding dresses as they are very casual yet look festive and elegant.An alternative wedding designer dress styled by one of your favorite designers can be a great lace mermaid wedding dresses option.Togas can also be worn as alternative mermaid wedding dresses with sleeves. They need to be worn properly and styled in a better way to make it look beautiful. You can wear a bun in your hair with lilies to look pretty.If you are influenced by Indian culture, you can drape a Saree with a beautiful veil on your head.No matter what alternative mermaid wedding dresses you wear, eventually it’s all about comfort. Don’t wear uncomfortable apparel that won’t let you enjoy your best day. So whatever you wear you’re still the bride and the most beautiful woman in the room.

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