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A wedding ceremony rings many a bell in one's heart and mind. The special dress, cake, flowers and the other details that would make their day a momentous one. But there is a key ingredient, which is definitely the most heart touching of all.

The everlasting words said by the near and dear ones in their speech about the bride and groom. If you are the chosen one to be delivering a speech,Guest Posting you are a privileged soul.

And if you are the daughter of the Bride/Groom then it’s for sure, all eyes must be on you, which certainly calls for some preparation beforehand.

So here we present you everything you need to know about daughter of the groom and bride wedding speech. Let’s get started by outlining the points which will give you the structure and content of the speech.

1. You should begin with warm welcoming words. Greet all the families and friends; this will also help in drawing everybody’s attention to you. Introduce yourself again so that people are not in a state of confusion and listen to you attentively.

2. Describe your feeling at this moment and also thank your parent/step-parent for giving you the privilege to give a speech on their special day.

3. Talk about your Mom/Dad:

Tell everyone about the great relationship you share with your parent. Some stories from your earliest memories and if possible some funny stories around you day to day life. How supporting she/he has been to you and all the good qualities about Her/him that you have inherited. You could pick some 3-4 qualities that you really appreciate like punctuality etc. End this section by telling how proud you are of him/her today.

4. Talk about you Step-Parent:

Devote this section to your new step-parent. Highlight on how good and complete you and your mom/dad feel with him/her around .How pleased you are to have him/her as a part of family. How you are looking forward to know more about him/her and develop a beautiful bond. Also mention about how pleased you are to meet his/her family and how understanding and helpful they have been.

5. Do refer to some fun facts that you guys had together while planning and preparing for the wedding. Mention your involvement and how much you enjoyed this new experience.

6. At the end thank your parent and his/her new spouse for everything. Raise .a toast for the couple and wish then a bright and beautiful new life ahead together. They will be more than happy to hear you cheering for them.

7. To make your speech a hit with the audience you could tell some light hearted jokes about married life. But you need to be very careful as it could be very sensitive. To be on a safe side you could go for a short poem or a timeless quotation about the beauty of marriage. If memorizing is a problem, then you can tell about any historical or big events sharing the same date and co-relate them.

So here we go, by writing a few lines about each of the points mentioned above you would be able to deliver a heart-warming and wonderful speech altogether. You just need to drive down the memory lane, recollect those cherished memories and put it on a piece of paper with all your heart. And we assure you, that you will have all the right words to say. Make sure to pull out your grudges, if you have any, and keep them aside. Even a slightly rude gesture could spoil your parent’s special day and definitely you would not want that to happen.

Do not forget to practise the speech a couple of times in front of a mirror, so that you don’t fumble at the spot. Do not keep it too long as there would be chances of you forgetting, as well as that of the audience getting bored. Try to sound spontaneous and wear a smile all along.

So go ahead and give your mom/dad that joyous evening by pouring out the sweetest of the words on their memorable day.

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