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“Family, relatives, and friends of the family today, I am delighted to share this special day with you. My sister asked me to give a speech as your Aunt of the bride wedding speech during the reception.

Seeing you walking downs the aisle glowing with beauty and happiness as a bride,Guest Posting has made me realize that you are no longer that skinny teen age girl that came to visit each year during the summer. I would not recognize her today because I remember her as being a mischievous and competitive girl with her cousins. You were always trying to climb the trees, playing football, or fishing with my son and all of her cousins. You will always be to me the girl, with pig tails that brings home the stray or injured animal. Like the summer you found that cute grass snake and brought it back to the house. The grass snake was flat as a pancake but you wanted to make it better. I told you we would call the local vetenarian to see what we could do to make the grass snake better. I saw how sad you were about the snake going to snake heaven. You were sad but knew it was in a better place. I will remember that courageous and loving girl as you begin your knew life as a bride and one day a mother.”

“I know my sister and brother in-law show how proud of their daughter with all her accomplishments in life and the loving heart she has as a young woman. I know that she worked hard throughout high school in many excelled courses and continued through her college career. They have done a fine job bringing up you to be a kind and giving woman. I believe that today they are shining with pride because of your happiness. Today is your special day and this day would not have been possible without your parents, the generous help of your bridal party and the love you receive from all of his family.”

“She has grown into sweet natured and loving woman. I am pleased that you have found your love to be with this man who now joins our family. I am sure my sister and her husband are happy for the couple as they make the journey together for the next 20 years to their golden anniversary of 50 years. They are a stunning couple that have found that they have things in common along with learning about patience and communication will be needed for keeping such a loving relationship I thought during her time in college she would not find a man that not only respected her as a woman but would deserved her love as being nothing less than rewarding. However, I was wrong not only did you find the perfect match, but he is the perfect man for you as my beautiful niece. I am proud of you here today as you embark on another chapter in your life, as a couple.”

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