Different Names of Wedding Anniversaries of Different Countries

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Getting married is a big event of every country and every nation. Many countries arrange many different wedding anniversaries to commemorate this big event.

Different names of wedding anniversaries of different wedding anniversaries

Americans attach great importance to wedding anniversaries. The followings are name of main wedding anniversaries:

1 year—-paper wedding;  2 years—-cloth wedding;  3 years—–leather wedding;  4 years—-silk wedding;  5 years—–wood wedding;   6 years—–iron wedding;  7 years—–bronze wedding; 8 years—–electric wedding; 9 years—-pottery wedding;  10 years—–tin wedding; 11 years—-steel anniversary;  12 years—–linen wedding;  13 years—–lace anniversary;  14 years——ivory anniversary;  15 years—-crystal anniversary; 20 years—–china anniversary;  25 years——silver anniversary;  35 years—–jade anniversary;  40 years—-red gem anniversary;  45 years—-blue gem anniversary;  50 years—–gold anniversary;  60 years—–diamond anniversary.

In fact,Guest Posting “silver anniversary” and “gold anniversary” are grandest anniversaries that people celebrate most. People invite relatives and good friends to participate the banquet and anniversary session. It is very rare for people to celebrate a “diamond wedding”.

French people prefer to hold celebrations at wedding anniversaries. It has become a festive custom. French people also use various object to name for different wedding ages like Americans. But there is something different. Such as:

1 year—-cotton wedding;  2 years——leather wedding;  3 years—-wheat wedding; 5 years—–wood wedding;  6 years—–copper wedding;    7 years—–woolen wedding;  8 years—–corn poppy wedding;   9 years—–pottery wedding;  10 years—-tin wedding;  11 years——coral wedding;  12 years—–silk wedding;  13 years—–bell arm wedding; 14 years—–lead wedding;  15 yeas—crystal wedding;  16 years—–blue gem wedding; 17 years—-rose wedding; 18 years—-turquoise wedding;   19 years—–printing wedding;  20 years—–china wedding;  21 years—–opal wedding;  22 years—–bronze wedding; 23 years—-green jade wedding; 24 years—–Satin wedding 25 years—-silver wedding; 26 years—-jade wedding;  27 years—–mahogany wedding;  29 years—-fluff wedding;  30 years—-pearl wedding;  31 years—–muslin wedding;  32 years——copper wedding

We can see time determines the valuableness of marriage.

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