Indian Wedding Photography – Changing Face and Latest Trends

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In recent years, Indian Weddings changes in terms of photography styles and way of celebrating. Here we will discuss changes in Indian Wedding Photography and its latest trends. 

Indian Wedding Photography

Floral crushed pattern dresses to Sarso Ke Khet sequence,Guest Posting from running on the beaches for the proposal to covering the destination aerially, from a beautiful bride in casuals before the knot to the bridegroom having an atypical entry on his bike, we have it all when we have a good, rather the best wedding photographer! Today everyone wants to have that dreamy wedding as famous people around have the set bars high for everyone becoming a hashtag trend as soon as it appears as a picture on your social boards. In the earlier days, Indian wedding photography was just a book of memories to checklist in the future of the guests who had come or the dress that was worn at the wedding.                                                                                             

Today, photography especially in Indian has raised from just clicking the pictures of the couple to enhancing their surroundings, apparels, makeup, jewellery and so on for which the family has put all their efforts into from months spending their energy, time and money. Indian weddings are a celebration of week-long days which everyone wishes to get beautifully captured in those lenses with every angle the photographer could possibly have. A wedding photographer’s endeavour gets accomplished only when the album shows exactly what he beheld!

  • Vintage style

Just colouring your album is an old school tradition that used to make it look brighter and fine. If you want that classy and royal addition to your pictures, a vintage look makes it more matured and elegant. It focuses on capturing the couple with all royalty and the surrounding more subtle. The bright bridal lehenga may look ultra-fine and the surrounding even more eye comforting in the pictures. It captures the best moments that highlight the very essence and the meaning of the whole affair.

  • Creative or artistic cut

Discoveries are unlimited when it comes to creative photography. Couples find out or try to replicate enormous ideas to get their wedding the Wow factor making them the best fit for their albums or social pages. Getting married in a pool or deep dive in the sea and get engaged, then and now images are becoming the social wedding trends these days people following. Your creative ideas should be rightly conveyed to the photographer he uses his best skills to make it look beautiful. Artistic Indian wedding photography includes the use of artistic props and smart play of lighting.

  • Dramatic wedding style

This style involves dramatic props, lightings and set-ups that give it the whole bubble to make it an Indian dramatic wedding. The dramatic effect needs a good screenplay so that your idea of bringing those characters and props together doesn’t go in vain. The wedding photographer has to be well educated as your sequence should all run in exact flow. You can copy or create your own drama for sure.

  • Candid Pictures

Your cellphone cameras have helped you to know what candid pictures are like. There are candid and there is fake candid. But believe, candid pictures come so beautiful if clicked at the perfect time and of the right person, they turn out beautiful that the posed ones. These are some of the best shots that are taken by the photographer without getting to know his presence. If you feel that you are captured the best in an unknown manner with all your emotions and feelings being unrevealed, this style is for you.

  • Documentary shoot

A photographer tries to depict every emotion through his pictures but fewer times a verbal communication in his art makes it complete for all the hard work he pays off. The documentary is a minute made film that takes you through the whole story the couple has had in their wedding affair. It is basically a trailer that says everything about the wedding. Good music and best shots are the key ingredients to the best documentary film. This is a shorter form of a video for anyone who missed your wedding and wants to watch a glimpse of it.

  • Portrait or Bridal shots

You have to have that close-up shot of your selective, beautiful and expensive jewellery, your clothes for which you nearly spent months to make a final decision and of course the make-up that makes you look more beautiful. An Indian wedding photographer takes all the efforts to help all these stands out with appropriate lights and lenses so that you don’t miss even a minute of the eyelash mascara applied.

  • Drone shots

Exotic locations or locations other than the typical wedding halls are chosen these days. You may be able to cover the location 180 degree but what about the rest? Covering your entire location from an aerial view is the job done by a drone so that you don’t forget to cover the mandap with its beautiful décor and of course other things that can’t be covered by those lenses. A photographer has to clearly decide which shots are to be chosen as it’s an expansive affair and has to be careful of what he is capturing as it’s a flying machine that sought little permission. Get one of these styles for your dreamy wedding and make it an enthralling event for all.

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