Is He Cheating?

Jul 12


Gary Caine

Gary Caine

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It seems that lately it's getting more and more common for men to cheat, but the majority of men are faithful to their wives or girlfriends. Which category does your man fall under? The cheaters or the faithful husbands?

Is he cheating? If you are seeing signs he is cheating he might be having an affair with another woman,Is He Cheating? Articles but he may well be innocent of any infidelity.What will be the consequences of accusing him of infidelity if in fact he has been completely faithful to you?What if he is cheating? Then you certainly need to know about it so that you can decide what the right action for you is. You can't just let it ride, you need to know if he's cheating on you or not, and if he is you need to take action to remedy the situation.I think you agree that you need to know without a doubt if he is having an affair or if he's faithful.The infidelity warning signs your are seeing can be justified by perfectly innocent explanations, or they could just as easily mean that he is in fact having an affair with another woman. Here's a few examples.He seems to be thinking about breaking up with you.You catch him saying things like:
  • Sometimes I think you would be happier if you were with someone else.
  • Is being free and single again ever something you fantasize about?
  • Sometimes I think we'd both be happier if we lived out lives alone.
  • If we ever broke up, I'd still want to remain friends with you.
He may be hoping that you want to break up with him and give him an easy out.Maybe he's worried that you are thinking of leaving him.Someone at work may be recently divorced, and the idea that you may leave him keeps creeping into his thoughts.Maybe he's seeing signs of infidelity in you, and is afraid you are having an affair.He may have seen that divorce seems to be a trend among people your age, and is looking for reassurance that your marriage is safe. Looking for excuses to get out of the houseHe might be having an affair with another woman and is going to see her.In any relationship there will be times when one spouse or the other just needs a little breathing space, it's normal and healthy.So, is he cheating? Unless he admits to it, or you catch him in the act it's going to be fairly hard for you to determine with a few signs he is cheating.

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