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Wedding favors are more popular today than ever before. They make lovely keepsakes as well as thank you gifts for family and friends who come to share the most important day of your life. There are lots of creative and interesting wedding favors to choose from however,Guest Posting you want to give favors that your guests will actually use and not discard when they get home. One of the best choices for wedding favors are candles.

Candles make the perfect wedding favor because not only are they romantic and useful, but they reflect both the bride and groom in a variety of ways. No longer are candle wedding favors just plain, tiny candles with the couples names on them. Today, candles are unique and can be found in an unlimited array of shapes and sizes, colors, and designs.

Candle wedding favors can be personalized in a number of ways. There are lots of candle manufacturers who offer personalization of pillar candles, votive candles, as well as votive candle holders. Personalized labels can also be made to be placed directly on the candle or on the candle holder. If you do not want to personalize your candle itself, you can have matchbooks personalized and include them with your candle favor. Taper candles can be wrapped together with ribbon which matches the colors used in your wedding and attach a card with your name and wedding date printed on it.

Candles today are made in an assortment of interesting shapes and sizes which can be matched with virtually any wedding theme. Candles can be found in the shape of flowers, cakes, sand castles, hearts, and snowmen. Pear-shaped candles are fun to use and attach personalized cards with sayings such as, “Compliments of the perfect pair”.

Candle holder favors have become just as popular and unique as candle favors themselves. You can find candle holders in a variety of traditional wedding shapes such as swans, hearts, and doves. Candle holders can also be used as place card holders for receptions. Votive candle holders can be purchased relatively cheaply and can be decorated to match the colors and theme of your wedding. Votive holders can also be wrapped in fabric and lace to match the colors used in your wedding and attached personalized cards with ribbon.

Candle wedding favors can be customized to go with almost any wedding theme. They are very popular and are less expensive than some other wedding favor options. These wedding favors are practical and will be an item that your guests can actually take home and use.

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