What wedding favours reveal about you

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Ideas for wedding favours are endless.  Not only should they show your appreciation to your guests, but they should reflect your personal style.

Whether you are Contemporary Chic or Traditional Geek your selection of wedding favoursreveal a lot about you. They convey personality and communicate gratitude. Choices range from edible sugary treats to elegant silver picture frames. Put the final touch on your wedding by choosing wedding favors that show your unique style as a couple. Handmade wedding favours show your guests that the bride and groom are gracious and caring. Guests will appreciate the personal touch. For example,Guest Posting homemade food items with a small thank-you note bring attention to your generous spirit. Have your names inscribed on ribbon or containers. You can attach bells to the ribbon or decorate the containers. Similarly, functional wedding favours express that the newlyweds are thoughtful. Your guests will think of you long after the wedding is over when you give them a practical gift such as a key ring, pen set or picture frame. Also, try potpourri or scented soap inside sheer organza bags. Elegant centerpieces convey sophistication and perfection. Besides impressing guests, breakaway centerpieces double as wedding favours. Once taken apart family and friends get to keep romantic candles, wine or champagne glasses, and edible items. Couples with spontaneous, outgoing personalities love theme-shaped wedding favours. Have fun and show your playful side. In fact, you are sure to get a party invite when you give boxes, bags and containers filled with a bottle of wine or champagne. Some theme ideas include beach, asian, nature and sports. For example, couples who love sports can provide items in the shape of their favorite sport or a recreational item. Classic wedding favours are for the traditional couple. Jordan Almonds wrapped in netting or tulle is the ideal complement to the traditional wedding. In the same vein, you can spread the love with heart-shaped frames, coasters or scented candles. Edible wedding favours divulge your creativity. Sugary treats such as strawberries and chocolate suggest that the bride and groom view life through an aesthetic lens. Thank your guests with edible gifts that come in containers with your names inscribed on them. The containers make excellent keepsakes. Ideas for wedding favours are as endless as time. They may be small, but they make a big impression. In other words, the best wedding favours are an extension of you. Not only do they show appreciation to your guests, they symbolize your unique style as a couple.Now, two dreams become one.

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