Weddings Ceremonies in Australia

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Australia wedding ceremony can be either civil or religious, they are both legally binding. Many people choose to be traditional.

Every country has its own traditions and customs. Australia is a multi-cultured society and hence the wedding ceremonies which take place there also vary in the way they are carried out. The Australians too follow the traditions of the West which are a combination of the customs of the English,Guest Posting Irish and Scottish cultures. Customs are however always influences by values, beliefs, religion, location and lifestyle of the people of a particular place.
Most people in Australia who decide to get married usually follow the traditional way in which the ceremony is conducted. Others however might prefer a hand fasting ritual, pagan ceremonies and maybe even medieval ceremonies. Some couples might even have a themed wedding if they are the adventurous type. Romantic couples however might even end up writing the entire ceremony on their own or get one written to match their personal values.
Similar to other parts of the world, the exchanging of rings, having a wedding cake, having friends and extended family attend the reception are all the things which an Australian wedding would have. It is the tradition of every culture to have the family of the bride and groom present at the ceremony as well as the reception. This tradition is followed by many of the Australians as well.
A white wedding is a tradition which has been passed down from generation to generation. Traditions are some things which are created, are followed by people, changed and perhaps even adapted with the changing of society. Despite so many traditions coming and going, the tradition of a white wedding has still remained quite firm in Australia. Quite a majority of the population follow this practice compared to only a minority of the population following it in the previous years.
In the past, a white wedding gown was worn by the bride was a sign of virginity and purity. In today’s modern day, a white wedding gown is worn because it is more of a compulsion. Whether the wedding is a formal or informal occasion, the bride will wear a white gown.
Australia can be considered a casual nation when wedding ceremonies are concerned. It is also one of the nations in which weddings can be held at any place. Most Australians prefer to keep their wedding as an informal event and therefore most people hold the wedding ceremony at perhaps a park, at the beach or somewhere outdoors.

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