A Tale of Three Essences

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Water of ... Angel of Peace and Harmony for Nature are a trio of ... ... ... They teach, raise our ... and question what we know by their very ... These th

Water of Enlightenment,Guest Posting Angel of Peace and Harmony for Nature are a trio of remarkable vibrational essences. They teach, raise our awareness and question what we know by their very existence. These three essences are even more remarkable because they are channelled essences. ''Oh boy, this is a hard one to swallow'' I hear you say. Just have an open mind and read on.

The Essences came about because I asked my guide – (an enlightened being known as 'Star of Joseph') if he would help to produce some Essences for humanity at this time. He was delighted to do so and, over a period of time the three Essences were produced. So why would he bother? Well he has serious concerns for humanity and the planet. The Earth is going through great changes at this time. These Earth changes are affecting every level of life from plankton and amoeba to trees, animals, humans and the earth itself. It is Star of Josephs main work to help heal the planet.

Earth changes are happening somewhere on the globe every few days now. We are having extremes of weather and a lot of it! Volcanoes and earth quakes are becoming more prevalent, with the frequency and magnitude increasing. As the earth changes speed up, so the human population becomes more stressed. One reflects the other. The effects of the human population becoming stressed is even more fear and extremes of behaviour, from road rage, civil unrest, terrorism, wars and a rise in murders. Time has speeded up. We are at the end of one spiral of time, and moving towards the beginning of a new spiral and great change. However, the consequences of all this are a stressed planet and people.

Water of Enlightenment gives people the courage to face the difficulties that lie ahead. When we are afraid, our deep hidden fears are triggered and these old fears come bubbling to the surface. The courage imbued in us by this Essence helps us to face these old fears as well as any situation in which we find ourselves. In this way our 'expansion growth' is speeded up. As beings we grow in spiritual terms as our awareness deepens. Correspondingly the more experiences we have, the more we learn from them and so the more our awareness grows. This process is known as expansion or Enlightenment. Hence the name of the Essence, which was not given without due thought! Water of Enlightenment speeds our expansion growth because we are given the courage to face our fears, overcome them and move past them. Thus we grow up in ourselves.

Angel of Peace is another Essence for humans, which gives us profound peace in our hearts and calmness after panic. It has been formulated for those people actually experiencing the earth changes up close, as well as for the rescue/emergency workers who help out. It enables them to remain centred and calm while they sort out tragic situations.

Harmony for Nature, the third of the set, is an Essence for Mother Earth and all of the Nature Kingdoms. It restores balance, reassures and stabilises. Nature becomes shocked and frightened when conditions become extreme. Think of your animals when fireworks are let off or look at your garden after severe weather conditions. All life has consciousness and experiences the effects of imbalances in their environment. Plants, fish, bacteria and soil in which micro-organisms live all can become stressed. This Essence can be put onto the earth, into rivers, ponds, streams or the sea. It can be sprayed around the garden or given to pets and livestock (in their drinking water).

This is a very important time for us and we are having a huge amount of support from many echelons of beings. Humanity has been prepared for these changes for the last one hundred years. This is why there has been an emergence of healings energies such as Reiki, and complimentary medicines like flower essences. There has also been an abundance of channelled materials from beings such as P'taah (one of the great teachers who has worked here for at least ten years). Many books on self-awareness as well as CD’s, videos have been brought to the fore to aid people at this time, to encourage a huge shift in awareness. For our spiritual growth is seriously lacking and is out of alignment with our technological achievements. This is very dangerous (because people are largely unaware of the consequences of what they are doing). As people become stressed (without a real spiritual foundation to their lives) we see anxious fearful people becoming trigger happy (acting on impulse without clear thought as to results or consequences of their actions).

This tale of three Essences has many layers of truth and purpose behind it. I hope it has raised many questions and given food for thought. My remit as the instigator is to let the Essences out into the world so that people can benefit from them.

Robina Hearle www.rosecottagefloweressences.co.uk

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