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Experts opine that as per today’s times the birth rate of newborn babies is 3 per minute. As per this calculation in 1 week this number would be 2,000,000 newborn babies. From this we can gauge how at a cyclonic pace world population is increasing maddeningly.

Amongst many disasters noted experts and analyzers count population explosion also as one type of disaster and opine that lest birth rate keeps rising prolifically thus then akin to increasing numbers of hares and mice mankind too shall have prepare for committing mass suicide by drowning in water.

Experts say that as of today’s times the birth rate of newborn babies is 3 per minute. As per this calculation in 1 week the number would be 2,Guest Posting000,000 newborn babies. From this we can gauge how at a cyclonic pace world population is increasing. Right since commencement of the 20th century till date at what speedy pace it has augmented can be depicted by a sample example.

As per the world population statistical figures noted in the year 1901 AD the number of world humans was 2,380,000,000. In the year 1911 this number arose to 2,520,000 and rate increased by 13%. In the year 1921 this world population figure remained virtually as above. This was because the German War and widespread epidemics in that very time period disallowed population increase. The moment peace settled in the world in 1931 this figure arose to 2,780,000 and the rate increase was 27%. In the year 1941 it reached 3,180,000 and the rate increase was 38%. Further the speed of population increasing shot up more. In the year 1951 it reached 3,600,000 and the rate increase was 42%. In the year 1961 the figure was 4,390,000 and the rate increase was 78%. In the year 1966 it reached 5,000,000 and the rate increase was 61%. From this sequential increase in population it is inferred that world population figures to be calculated in 1982 after the year 1972 this figure may reach 10,000,000,000. It means that in comparison to today in the next 20 years world population number shall double. In future days to come up to what number shall the world population increase and what shall be its result? To unfold this data due efforts have been made.

It has already been mentioned that earth possesses land and various means for only limited creatures. Akin to other living beings this law is applicable to human beings also. Regarding creatures apart from humans it has been seen that when their number increases and crosses the permissible boundaries, nature starts destroying them. This is quite natural too. As far as numbers are concerned regarding material means and facilities given by nature to creatures they are proving to be scarce. Due to lesser facilities and more consumers definitely a situation of struggle and unrest ensues. Powerful people oppress the weak and snatch away the latter’s rightful share of things. In such types of unrest those who are powerful (muscle-money power) get saved and the weak die. This state of agitation ultimately leads to the powerful totally destroying the weaker section of society. Archeologists have found ruins/relics of such ancient creatures who although were quite powerful and large sized body wise lost their very existence simply because their numbers increased so frantically that available means given by nature proved to be scarce. Thus a situation of struggle and unrest ensued and thus that particular species lost its very existence.

The billion dollar question is: Shall nature too use the above ploy for human existence too? Nature’s laws are such that they have no place for behaving in a biased prejudiced manner towards any class of creatures. It is beyond doubt that for world humanity unrest and finally the wheel of destruction is ready to set itself rolling in. On this basis high thinking and great intellectuals of the world are advising people in varied ways to sire children very limitedly and are explaining how large sized families prove to be dire which is the result of population explosion the world over. Yet we fail to see some satisfactory results despite all this advice given. Thus ultimately nature perforce sharpens its sword of destruction and upheavals.

These days the fire of violence is speedily spreading out the world over. Murders, fights, terrorism, looting and crime are moving ahead headily. In the eyes of psychiatrists and nature based scientists say that a major cause for this is a worrisome population explosion. Recently 2 famous sociologists of Great Britain-Clare Russell and WS Russell after studying many world problems placed before us certain conclusions. From these it gets proved that at the root of such incidences it is nature’s inspiration that is at work. These days enmity emerging due to some very stray causes also ultimately cascade in the form of terrible violence/mass killings and in it along with those culprits even innocent children etc get engulfed. Since the recent past instead of looting and robbing so as to appease one’s avarice for wealth criminal activities that involve killing people so as to then benefit in a ‘tension free’ manner is on the rise. This is because man’s violent murderous nature is becoming so terribly ireful. Thus regarding this after mulling over from various angles and carrying out deep studies it has been proved that the pressure of excess world population renders man hollow, intolerant and imbalanced psychologically. And thus people get agitated at the drop of a hat and do not aver even a wee bit in killing others or acting violently.

In order to study the psychological influence of population explosion pressure research data unearthed says that when small animals resided in open and quite surroundings their inner nature was calm and cool but when they were made to stay in huge crowded areas they became agitated and sick. Further they started attacking each other too. It is well known that due to excess crowding stools, urine, perspiration, garbage etc too increase a lot. Heat emitted by the body too affects nearby surroundings. According to psychiatrists and psychologists of high renown, it is these distortions of the psyche agitate humans and other creatures and render them stressed and violent. It is hence that in comparison to small villages the number of criminal acts proliferates much more in towns and metro cities.

In a report published by USA’s Population Research Bureau it is written that the world’s population every year is increasing by 65,000,000. Till the year 1980 it shall become 4,300,000,000 and till 2000 AD it shall become 6,000,000,000. It means that it shall double from the year 1960. Merely in China at that time the population figure shall be 1,500,000,000. Lest situations of epidemics, wars etc did not manifest and means for sustenance and nourishment were continuously supplied then India’s population shall become 1,000,000,000.

In 800 BC the population of the world was about 2,500,000. At that time no fear of famine or epidemics was noted. The earth’s environment was pure and unpolluted. Nature herself bestowed so much food that not much of agriculture had to be carried out. People would joyfully travel everywhere and imbibe knowledge. But the more population started increasing, complex situations too augmented and in tandem health management, earning wealth, security, food item, housing, education, crime and other problems started increasing. Today due to population explosion the entire world has become problematic.

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