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Yes,Guest Posting that is what is happening, all across the globe. People are awakening to their spirituality; seeking universal truths, becoming responsible for their future, and past, and are creating a movement that is sweeping across the Earth.

Many people have sought shelter in traditional religious avenues, and that is ok. Others have gone to more secular teachings, while others still have gained a more esoteric view of religious beliefs and dogma. All of this is perfectly fine, as not everyone resonates with one view of the world.

I am not here to say one belief is better than another, only to share my viewpoint so that you may further examine your own belief system, and come up with your own answers. I only pose what resonates with me at the time, hoping that it will resonate with you on some level and spur you to reach your own conclusions.

With that said, let's talk about the rise in spirituality. What is it really? Why all of a sudden are people seeking what they had not sought before; searching in alternate philosophies, digging deeper into traditional religious texts as well as other ancient but obscure documents? What's happening? And why now?

I'll only attempt to answer a couple of the questions I have posed here with this post. Over the course of the next couple of weeks though, I will try to cover the other questions, as well as any others that might come to mind concerning this issue.

So, let's take on, "Why all of a sudden are people seeking what they had not sought before..." This also will cover, "Why now?"

So why is it that people are seeking answers where they hadn't sought them before? Easy, traditional teachings are not providing the answers to what people are facing today. Actually the teachings do, but the ones teaching do not because they are teaching from a limited and literal understanding of what is actually written in their texts.

But people are no longer satisfied to accept things blindly. For some even, they require hard evidence to the truth of things. All of this is nothing more than a desire for knowledge... a knowledge of God. (I use God throughout this post as a reference. That is my word for It. You may choose whatever fits with your belief system, for it is all the same, whatever the name.) This was referred to in ancient times as 'gnosis.' This is what the Gnostics were all about. They believed that one must have an 'inner knowing of God' to be a fully spiritual person. It is also believed by many that Jesus spent time with the Gnostics learning their teachings.

We are seeing this same concept today in many "New Age" texts. And one need look no further than any metaphysical, spiritual, or "New Age" teachings to see this is true. So why are people looking for answers though? Need you any more evidence as to this 'why' than the current state of affairs in the world?

Most people feel they and their reality are spinning out of control and ultimately believe they are powerless to do anything about it. But people are now receiving intuitive "nudges" that they are not powerless, but rather extremely powerful beings.

People's beliefs are being shaken as they discover their religious icons are fallible and subject to regressing in their spiritual evolution. People are now thinking that there must be more to this than what we have been taught.

All religions contain truths and should not be dismissed because of the failure of another to hold to a higher standard than we expect of ourselves. However, one religion does not hold all the answers, but the answers must be taken from a study of religious beliefs down through the ages as cummulatively, they all hold all truths.

As I have read, studied, and contemplated my own existence over the last several years, I have come to many conclusions of what "the truth" really is. For me this is a natural and organic process, and one that I have returned to after many years of struggle and turmoil. Now however, things are different and I live a happier, fuller life than before.

So what about you? Do you feel fulfilled with where you currently are in life? Do you desire "change"? Are you seeking answers that will ultimately lead you to a more abundant and prosperous life? Are you in transition and struggling to understand all that is taking place around you? Do you desire "gnosis"?

If so, then let me help you. I can assist you in finding the answers you seek. I can provide you with a more enlightened and fulfilling outlook at reality, and assist you in creating that reality as you wish.

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