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Mar 20 08:22 2008 Gary L. Glasscock, MCLC, MSLC Print This Article

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I was having a discussion yesterday with a few people,Guest Posting and I was explaining to them how we are the one and only cause of all stress in our lives. None of them agreed with me.

One lady pointed out that she had no control over her stress when she was taking care of her dying husband, then his death was even more stressful. She also pointed out that the man sitting in front of her was taking care of his ailing wife and he had no control over the stress this causes.

Well, it doesn't matter what either of these people think, but it is absolutely true that we are the one and only cause of all the stress in our lives. No matter what the situation, we have the control to be either stressed or not. It's all just a matter of choice.

You see, the woman that took care of her dying husband only felt stress because of her thoughts about the whole situation. I'm sure that she experiencd a myriad of emotions during this time. However, it was her choice to experience these emotions.

One thing that she was probably stressing about was the fact that she was losing her husband. Which is perfectly normal for anyone in that situation. But could this be "handled" differently with a more pleasant outcome? It sure can.

What this woman is actually doing is focusing on "her loss". Get that? HER loss. She isn't thinking that her husband is making a glorious transition to the Spirit plane, but instead she's thinking of herself.

Now granted, she may feel sympathy towards her husband since he lingered on for quite some time, but does that mean she had to get stressed about it? Not at all.

When you look at death honestly and realize that all it is is a process everyone must go through in order to evolve to a higher plane of existence, death no longer has the "fear factor" that is so often associated with it. When you look at death in this way, you can only conclude that the individual is truly better off because they have evolved beyond our physical plane.

So if you look at the death of someone as being a stressful, emotion filled experience, then you must remember that you are only thinking of yourself. You THINK you are concerned about the death of this person, but in all actuality you are more concerned about the void created in your life by this person's death. Isn't that a bit selfish?

And really, when everyone goes back to the home of the individual, and mopes around with a "Woe is ME!" attitude, isn't that wallowing in our own self-pity? Shouldn't we instead celebrate the life of this person and their successful transition? Wouldn't it be more appropriate to have a big party with everyone having a good time, toasting the life of the individual?

That's what I'd rather have, and although I haven't discussed it with my wife yet, I know she will respect my wishes and have a big blow-out party. Yes, celebrate that I have made my transition! Celebrate the time I had here on earth! Celebrate the accomplishments I've experienced! CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE, CELEBRATE!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I'm looking forward to death any time soon. Oh no, not at all. I personally feel I have much work to do here on Earth, and that I have only just begun with it all.

So do you effectively "handle" stress? Do people at work really irritate you? Are you easily irritated? And how do you look at death? Is it something stressful? Or is it a joyous transitional experience that should be celebrated? Would you like to learn how better to "handle" the stress you experience? Would you like to find out how to be at peace with yourself and all around you? Then go HERE to find out how you can do that.

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