Enigmatic Oils in Indonesian Shamanic Practices: Part 1

Feb 21


Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee

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Discover the mystical world of Indonesian shamanic oils, where ancient traditions blend with the supernatural. These "minyak" are not just ordinary anointing substances; they are rare and potent concoctions believed to possess extraordinary powers. From love spells to rejuvenation and wealth attraction, these oils are steeped in folklore and shrouded in mystery. This exploration delves into the lesser-known aspects of these magical oils, revealing their unique properties and the cultural significance behind them.

The Essence of Indonesian Shamanic Oils

Shamanic cultures around the world have long harnessed the power of sacred oils for spiritual and magical purposes. Indonesia,Enigmatic Oils in Indonesian Shamanic Practices: Part 1 Articles with its rich tapestry of mystical traditions, is home to a variety of these potent "minyak." This exploration offers a glimpse into the extraordinary oils used by Indonesian shamans, particularly those from the Dayak tribes of Kalimantan. While some oils are common and used for anointing and inscribing sacred symbols, others are rarer and imbued with remarkable properties. It's important to note that the information provided here is for educational purposes, as the efficacy and origins of these oils are based on cultural beliefs and have not been scientifically verified.

The Categories of Occult Oils

Indonesian shamanic oils can be broadly classified into two groups:

  1. Ordinary Oils: Commonly used for anointing and inscribing magical symbols.
  2. Extraordinary Oils: Rare and believed to possess unusual properties.

The Rare and Mystical Oils of Indonesia

Minyak Hadangan: The King of Love Oils

Minyak Hadangan is revered as a powerful love oil, used not only for romantic endeavors but also for business success, protection against dark magic, and warding off negative energies. This oil is said to originate from a rare species of buffalo found in the southern and eastern forests of Kalimantan. The Pasir tribe, known for their potent black magic, traditionally uses this oil to domesticate wild buffaloes. The oil is collected from the decaying bodies of these animals, making it an exceptionally rare find.

The Pasir people also discovered that Minyak Hadangan could be used in human relationships, leading to its use in love spells. There are conflicting reports about the extraction process, with some sources suggesting that the buffaloes are killed for their oil, which is then obtained by boiling their organs. A specific mantra is recited during this process to imbue the oil with magical properties.

Minyak Bintang: The Elixir of Life

Minyak Bintang, or Star-oil, is one of the most enigmatic oils, believed to possess life-rejuvenating properties. It is associated with the Dayak Benuaq and Tujung tribes and is considered the pinnacle of their occult knowledge. This oil is said to quicken sluggish bodies and, according to legend, even revive the dead when used in conjunction with specific inner-strength training. The production of Star-oil is shrouded in secrecy, and it is highly valued among the wealthy members of the community.

Minyak Kawiyang: The Multifaceted Oil

Minyak Kawiyang, also known as Kawiyang Oil or Minyak Sumbulik, is another rare Dayak specialty with a romantic legend attached to it. It comes in five different colors, each with its own unique virtues, ranging from invisibility and authority to love attraction and wealth manifestation. The oils are believed to be guarded by familiar spirits and require specific offerings to maintain their power. They are kept in special ceramic vessels called cupu and must be cared for according to precise instructions to preserve their magical properties.


The magical oils of Indonesian shamanism are a testament to the enduring belief in the supernatural powers of nature and the spiritual world. While these oils are deeply rooted in folklore and tradition, they remain largely unexplored by scientific research. As such, their true nature and potential benefits to humanity are yet to be fully understood.

This article is part of an ongoing project to document and share the rich heritage of Indonesian shamanic practices. Stay tuned for further updates and insights into this fascinating aspect of Indonesia's cultural legacy.

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