Frauds in the Metaphysical Field Part 1

Nov 16


Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee

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Charlatans in the metaphysical field. False prophets, self-serving gurus, fake psychics, and fraudelent practices.

This is an important subject to address for like in every field of human endeavor,Frauds in the Metaphysical Field Part 1 Articles the metaphysical branch has its charlatans, scoundrels, and manipulators who are ever ready and eager to mislead the earnest seeker of Truth. Students of metaphysics as well as laymen should understand the difference between true spiritual metaphysicians and scoundrels assuming the title. Disciples of the Spirit should be able to discern between metaphysical practices and services of spiritual worth and those objectionable operations of pseudo-metaphysicians that simply mislead the human soul. Too often paranormal practices are erroneously considered as "spiritual."

The metaphysical path is fraught with many temptations, glamour and illusions, and one could easily fall into the contrived traps of Maya and the Dark forces. Because of the rapid growth of the metaphysical, holistic, and paranormal fields in recent years there have been many unscrupulous individuals entering the profession promoting and advertising themselves excessively hoping to take financial advantage of the public's interest, curiosity, enthusiasm and ignorance. Most of these people--these frauds--will cheat, lie, deceive, promise you anything that you will want to hear, and please you in order to grab your hard-earned cash. They even go so far as to indulge in immoral practices such as sexual molestation and rape under the pretext of transferring magical power. Often they would resort to stage magic and tricks to mislead one's senses into believing their "extraordinary" powers and faculties. Even the genuine psychics possessing some power and ability would over-exaggerate the little knowledge or talent that they have. Should they master a single metaphysical art, such as clairvoyance, for instance, they would go so far as to say that they possess the other psychic abilities as well. One should be wary of the persuasive tongue of so-called psychics and metaphysicians. If these spiritual con-men did not involve themselves in the metaphysical field, they would enter any other field with the same hidden despicable motive of self-aggrandizement and ego-promotion.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and so-called paranormals are quick to establish themselves as metaphysicians or experts in the psychic/parapsychological/magickal field who actually know very little or have acquired very little metaphysical learning, training and experience. Most psychics read a few books on metaphysics and adopt its associated terms and terminology without a profound understanding of what they truly mean. Students of metaphysics often fall into such glamour as well. They may have read a few books, attended a few seminars or workshops, or even studied under a few Gurus and yet with the little that they acquire, they feel themselves to be knowledgeable in all aspects of metaphysics, and subsequently, they often express spiritual and mental pride. They may even feel disdainful or look condescendingly upon a genuine Guru should they perchance come across one. Ignorant of the characteristics of a true Spiritual Master or Adept, they simply follow those who vainly display unusual powers and knowledge, or those that offer them the instant transference of occult knowledge and the awakening of the serpent power. These students of metaphysics are more seekers of sensation than seekers of God or Truth. The writer of this work have personally read countless books on metaphysics, studied metaphysical teachings of various schools and yet, still feels that he knows so little. Even worst than this, he has come to realize how ignorant he really is from the Cosmic point of view and that there is still so much to learn about the Omniverse. He has come to realize that a question answered only gives rise to several more questions that needs to be answered, ad infinitum. To be knowledgeable of one's ignorance is positive but to be ignorant of one's ignorance is negative and blind.

Thus, having said all of the above, it should be realized that professional metaphysical con-men are generally individuals who present themselves as persons whom you would least expect to be frauds.

We would like to quote Dr. Paul Leon Masters, the founder of the University of Metaphysics on this very subject of spiritual con-men, extracted from the newsletter "In Touch" (Feb. 1997):

"Generally, they dress well, are sociable, charming and outgoing. Above all, they speak very spiritually, constantly referring to the Light, to having a better world through the Light. They have learned to prey on the gullibility of true seekers, who in their own honesty and heart, simply accept all of the flowery spiritual phrases used by the metaphysical con man as being representative of what the spiritual con man (and I might add, woman) really is. Christ warned his disciples 2,000 years ago to 'beware of ravenous wolves masquerading in sheep's clothing.' The spiritual con person is very clever. As an example, if ever accused or convicted of anything, he/she will ask that the accusers be forgiven. This con person knows this plays well before a spiritual audience who believe this person certainly has been wrongly accused, because look how really spiritual they are in their forgiveness. It is all an act! In the heart of a sincere person, of course, it is genuine. However, here the reference is to an insincere person. Another sign is that a sincere person, when caught with a hand in the cookie jar, will show some sign of remorse and/or conscience, because the presence of God of Light truly is active in him/her. Not the spiritual con person, who will go into tremendous denial, and whose game is that if it can be denied often enough and vehemently enough, you will begin to believe that he/she is innocent of any wrongdoing.

"Con persons will try to impress you as to their holiness by surrounding themselves with spiritual props. This can take the form of many spiritual books displayed in their office so you may think how spiritually involved they may be. Also, they will surround themselves with symbols, works of art, anything to give the impression of how genuinely spiritual they are. If challenged, they become enormously defensive--that you would even dare to challenge their credibility. How dare you! Remember, an honest spiritual person has nothing to defend against, and therefore, welcomes communication.

"Challenge con persons a little too much and something happens. The true dark side of their nature surfaces. These people, who you are accustomed to hearing speak in joyful, flowery terms of light, suddenly threaten you, becoming the ruthless bastards or bitches they really are. In other words, if the old two-faced spirituality will no longer work with you, they will not hesitate to switch to threats, intimidation, and coercion.

"The old expression, 'time will tell,' is a good one to follow. If someone enters your spiritual space who may seem a little too slick, too charming, who speaks and writes in the most flowery of metaphysical terms, do not rush into any spiritual, financial, or professional involvement. Remember, fools rush in where angels fear to tread--so, allow a great deal of 'time to tell' whether they are in truth filled with Light or really with DARKNESS."

To professional metaphysicians psychic frauds are easy to spot; the layman, however, knowing even less than the self-proclaimed paranormal experts, regard these bogus individuals as nothing less than minor gods. These charlatans come and go and their establishments are usually fly-by-night in nature. Involvement with such people could bring adverse effects to one's personal, social and professional standing. But most importantly, one is led astray spiritually. It is, therefore, advisable to recognize these spiritual and psychic con men in order to prevent oneself from being duped and harmed in any way and to stagnate in one's spiritual evolution.

An objectionable point to consider is the god-like status given to paranormals by those who are ignorant of the laws of Nature and the true purpose of Life. These paranormals are placed upon pedestals often by hired hands or even by sincere, but ignorant persons caught in the charismatic web of pretenders to power and spirituality. Although the clients or patients of these psychics are seemingly helped in some way, and strongly believe in the appropriateness and value of the services offered by those who proclaim themselves as "metaphysical" experts--the help offered is not permanent, nor does it promote evolutionary growth. On the contrary, psychic help often causes a person's spiritual unfoldment to stagnate in the mire of matter as we have been alluding and reiterating ever so often.

Just because a person may have success or is accomplished in one line of endeavor does not make that person well-informed or knowledgeable in other fields; and yet we see how low-caliber paranormals are often eager to comment on anything and everything from sex to politics. Nowadays we see how the mass media is being exploited to the full by false prophets who are so keen in making their beastly mark in the minds of men and to be regarded as celebrities. Not only do they present themselves in the printed media but also on television as well. Here we can easily perceive how the latter-day idols mislead human souls by blinding humanity's Divine Vision of Truth, Reality, Purpose, and Goodness; and presenting false teachings and statements.

It would be wise to be armed with the knowledge of the reality underlying the many psychic frauds and pseudo-metaphysical practices that violates the Law of Harmlessness and deceive sincere persons and which eventually causes stagnation to their soul-growth in their evolutionary journey toward perfection. The ignorance of the masses are taken advantage of by pseudo-psychics and metaphysicians and it would be helpful to combat this situation by enlightening those who regularly make use of, or plan to make use of the services of people involved in the metaphysical field, and who call themselves "spiritual teachers," "psychics," "shamans," "paranormals," or "metaphysicians." Every bona fide metaphysician and the average person on the street should be aware of the true facts and nature of the deceptive and glamorous metaphysical practices filled with sensation and designed only to satisfy human curiosity without properly considering the real needs of the unfolding soul. Persons who are unaware of fraudulent practices and are victims of these metaphysical deceivers may find themselves getting nothing of true worth, aside from the exorcism of their pocket of their hard-earned monthly wage.

Deception may be apparent or it may be subtle. To the discerning person the deceptive methods, both apparent and subtle of pseudo-metaphysicians and psychics can be seen and felt in their mannerism, the way they speak, the way they behave, the demands that they make, the way they present themselves, and the general energy that they radiate. These are all keys revealing the negative nature hiding beneath their pretensions. It is said, by the fruit we shall know the tree and this is a truism especially in the metaphysical field. Professional metaphysicians who are psychically and spiritually developed and knowledgeable, may detect these pretenders to metaphysical knowledge, wisdom and power through spiritual, rational, and psychic means. The spiritual disciple should learn as much as possible how to discern the true from the false so that they may lead others from darkness to Light.

Most of the modern psychic deceivers will make excessive use of metaphysical terminology to sound erudite, and also exploit and misappropriate the little information and knowledge that they acquire through insincere metaphysical studies in order to make a big impression upon people so that the unknowing and innocent ones may be greatly influenced by their heinous machinations. From the very onset their motives for "aiding" people are simply the promotion of their ego--or self-aggrandizement, and the commercialization of the infinitesimal knowledge or psychic ability that they possess for huge financial returns. Basically, there is nothing wrong in offering one's psychic services to the public and charging a price for it, what is objectionable is that this is often done irresponsibly, excessively, irrationally, and for ignoble reasons. It may be true that some individuals possess a certain psychic ability, however, they often use this as a blatant argument that they possess other "powers" as well. They often exaggerate and brag much and make bombastic statements such as celebrities or governmental people constantly make use of their services, or that they have long studied overseas in Tibet or in India . . . Whether true or not, such statements are egoistic and unprofessional and it is easy to see the stratagem behind these proclamations. Their intentions and machinations are clear as daylight to those who have eyes to see.

One of the most apparent signs that may indicate falseness on the part of pseudo-psychics is their use of fancy titles that is supposed to reveal their "spiritual" standing. All sorts of high-sounding titles are used to impress the public concerning their so-called spiritual status or the many "powers" that they are supposed to possess. Sometimes these titles are legitimate, but most often they are self-given or "purchased." And even though legitimately and officially given by honorable men or by metaphysical/spiritual/academic institutions, these titles from the spiritual standpoint are just empty labels without any spiritual value. We know a thing by its character and expression, not by its label. With the possession of titles, psychic frauds promote themselves hoping to dupe and exploit the gullible public. The love for titles simply show an egoistic tendency and self-centeredness--a glamorous condition that the disciple of the spiritual path should not be dragged into. The lower nature of man enjoys the glamour of being at the center stage, or in the limelight. Needless to say, metaphysical self-deceivers enjoy promoting their physical image by placing their photographs excessively in books, magazines and advertisements. People with such a personal and egoistic trait seek to control and manipulate others, usually the motive is to instill fear and the acquisition of fame and fortune; and their services to others simply benefit their client's or "patient's" earthly natures. What psychics are not conscious of is that most of their services and wares do not promote spiritual evolution--they neither liberate nor cause enlightenment--which are important goals in the higher aspects of metaphysics. It is factually true that being in this world one should strive to improve it; it is also vitally important for us to transcend our earthly condition--our personality, our earthly desires, and our dualistic, delusive thinking. Our condition can be compared to being in prison. Even-though we may strive to improve our surroundings while in jail so as to experience the maximum comfort, our prime objective is to be released from it so as to acquire a greater life experience.

The problem of titles also applies to the graduates of academic and religious institutions. Though one may legitimately receive the title "Doctor" in the field of metaphysics, or "Reverend," "Ulama," "Romo," "Swami," "Yogi," "Lama," "Ki," "Kyai," "Ustad" and "Sri," etc., as a priestly or sacred title in the field of religion or mysticism, it does not indicate that the person bearing it is spiritual, holy or magically powerful in any way. We make this statement from the standpoint of being both a Doctor and a Minister--and the right given to wear the esoteric title of "Ki," designating a titile of respect in Indonesian occultism--so realize that there are no pretensions on our part as well. Often title holders are deluded in this respect and are victims of spiritual pride. This is a glamorous illusion that all spiritual aspirants, that all on the path of spiritual unfoldment must overcome.

We appeal to title or degree holders to maintain humility and a sense of goodwill and love for their fellow men, with a desire to serve God and the higher Spiritual Intelligences. Titles mean nothing. One's spiritual standing has to be manifested and proved sincerely on a daily basis without the thought of any praise or recognition from the mouths of men. The old adage declares that one should practice what one preaches.

Traditional teachings also warn us not to be the "blind leading the blind." Most paranormals or psychics deceive themselves as to their self-importance, power, and ability. They overestimate themselves while at the same time belittling other metaphysicians who may be the genuine article. They believe that all that they receive psychically are true, that their spirit guides are infallible, that their visions are God-sent, that their predictions must come true, that their work are beneficial to humanity. Concerning the latter, it may be factual that some of their services are of value on a short-term basis, but in the long run their help may cause soul-stagnation, as mentioned before--and this is the unseen danger.

Most commercial psychics are under the impression that they are truly helping others, but in fact, are causing great harm in the process. The Dark Forces work in such a way: they offer you wonderful "trinkets" that would make you happy and seemingly solve your worldly problems but in the process cause you to forget your soul-purpose and spiritual journey. Most psychics and so-called priests of Religion are unaware that they are the instruments of "Iblis," or the Fallen One.

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