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Team leaders need to have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their direct sales team members and they need to be able to coach them to improve. 

Before you begin coaching them,Guest Posting there are five essential questions to ask.

5 Questions To Ask New Business Consultants
1. Do you believe that abundance is available to you? 
2. Do you have the passion for sales?
3. Do you have the work ethic to survive in sales?
4. Do you think sales is fun? 
5. Are you self-motivated?

Do you believe that abundance is available to you?

You want team members who see the prize and are determined to reach for that prize. Good team members will be optimistic, determined and ready to seize the opportunity to sell and make money. It is a great question to start off a team training session.

Do you have the passion for sales?

Sales takes a special type of talent. You have to be able to handle rejection on a regular basis, you need to be able to remain optimistic in the face of adversity and you need to possess the ability to greet each and every sales call with a smile. People who think that sales is work often have a difficult time selling products. Those who believe that sales is more like a social event than work usually do well.

Do you have the work ethic to survive in sales?

Some people may not have the work ethic to survive the daily grind of sales. These people should probably find a different line of work. There are people who may possess the work ethic but have not fully realized how to summon and master it. You should find ways to coach your direct sales team members to find and develop their inner work ethic.

Do you think sales is fun?

To be a good direct sales associate, you must view sales as fun. Whether you are selling products one-on-one, demonstrating products at parties or creating great websites on which to promote your products, the art of selling must be enjoyable. There is no doubt that some days will be a grind, but your overall experience with sales must be pleasurable or you will find it difficult to make sales a career. As a team leader, it is crucial to teach your team members ways to make sales more enjoyable.

Do you have the passion for sales?

Are you self-motivated?

If you ask this question at a team sales meeting most people will think of themselves as self-motivated. However, team leaders need to determine if sales members are “actors or “reactors.” To help people become self-motivated, you can teach them that self-motivation is possible and give them skills to become actors instead of reactors.

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