How Bitcoin effects Network Marketing Model - Business Opportunities

Jun 18


Athul Pinjz

Athul Pinjz

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Out of the popular cryptocurrencies, bitcoin is the most recognized cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can be used as a secure mode of payment & can be shared amongst various network participants. Explore more to find out how bitcoin effects Network Marketing Model


Cryptocurrency is interrupting the way financial transactions work. People and organizations around the globe are swiftly changing to digital currency transactions. According to research,How Bitcoin effects Network Marketing Model - Business Opportunities  Articles the cryptocurrency market will be worth $1.40 billion by 2024. (Ref :

Bitcoin has been recognised by many to be the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency. However, besides bitcoin, there exist other altcoins that give great value as well. Here we will consider the only bitcoin as the digital currency. The application of bitcoins is not just limited to financial transactions but for investment purposes as well. And these applications are the main reasons for using bitcoins in network marketing. Here we discuss the role of bitcoins in network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing (MLM). 

Why Bitcoins in Network Marketing?

Transaction made through cryptocurrency is one of the most secure and private methods of accomplishing financial transactions. We all know that network marketing business involves so many people, who are united together in the form of a network. For naive reasons, preferably for wide business expansion, the network will be expanding across the world.

For an easy, safe & quick transaction with the best experience, the cryptocurrencies like bitcoin has been introduced in the network marketing business. Bitcoin is an encrypted and decentralized currency that can be shared amongst various network participants. It will eliminate the possibility of financial fraud.

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The transactions in this peer-to-peer network are recorded on a public ledger, known as the blockchain. And since personal details are not recorded in the blockchain, the activities or transactions cannot be traced, thereby securing the privacy of the participants.

Moreover, Bitcoin works as an investment tool. The payment recipients can both exchange bitcoins for cash or store in their digital wallets. In the future, the value of bitcoins may grow, resulting in accumulation of profitable gains on your venture.

Accepting Bitcoin as Currency in Network Marketing

Bitcoin is rising as a preferred mode of payment. The MLM companies are ready to comply to pay their employees, vendors, and members using bitcoins. Moreover, customers can also do a transaction using bitcoins. The downline structure in any MLM company can be very difficult to handle. The same is applicable for payments as well. To simplify the task of organizational management, you can use Bitcoin MLM software.

Whether it is any employee management, performance analytics, marketing, or business operations; MLM software is proficient of automating, synchronizing, and maintaining company operations. When it comes to financial transactions, MLM software consolidates most of the payment methods, including digital payments using bitcoins.

Bitcoin Network Marketing Model - Everything You Need To Know About

Cryptocurrency network marketing has grown drastically, and nowadays, there are various cryptocurrency MLM companies whose business operations revolve around bitcoins. A few of them are quite a scam you would want to stay away from. Few of them offer nothing but a business opportunity, and some of them offer excellent products and services besides a business opportunity.

Spending in bitcoins is the most uncomplicated way of associating with a network marketing company. You will spend a specified amount – as stated by the company – to buy bitcoins. Along with this, you will get commissions when you bring in new members to the company.

There are so many network marketing companies that give products and services at a cost. Moreover, they allow you an opportunity to develop your downline to earn affiliate commissions. As the downline grows, your income rises accordingly. Bitcoin trading software, bitcoin Mining software and various educational materials are the products offered by multilevel marketing companies. You can use those tools and resources to improve the value of your investment by mining or trading bitcoins. 

The Drawback of Bitcoins in Network Marketing

There are some drawbacks of using bitcoins, not only in the network marketing industry but in other small or large businesses as well. These are:

  • It is prominently volatile. When you perceive things from an investment point of view, there are equal chances of losing or gaining on your investment.
  • Bitcoins usage are restricted in some countries as well :In most of the countries such as India, China, USA, and others. Before transacting in bitcoins, you should check out the government rules and regulations. You have to sort of things very brilliantly here. Most of the network marketing companies ( MLM Companies ) are just scam schemes. The company owners might run away with your hard-earned money when it is accumulated, they may use your system’s resources to mine bitcoins, or the products and services are just a trick; there are infinite possibilities.
Wrapping Up

The network marketing model is the reason behind some of the most successful as well as now-defunct companies in the globe. Use of bitcoins in network marketing is an intellectual move. The future seems brilliant if conditions – such as rules & regulations, cryptocurrency acceptability and IT infrastructure – are in favour of using cryptocurrency in business transactions.