Internet Marketing Strategy

Jul 17


Tomas Hoff

Tomas Hoff

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There are Tons on guides out on the web on “how to succeed in Network Marketing”. But it took me a long time to find a guide that actually works,Internet Marketing Strategy Articles and can easily be duplicated by your downlne. My reason for writing this article is to help you get your network marketing business going before you give up! I will show you how you can, in less than 30 days actually begin earning money on your network marketing business, instead of spending a lot away on useless advertising!

So, let begin. I’m sure you have heard this from a lot of marketing gurus; "to succeed in network marketing you have to have a list of people that you can communicate and share offers with”. This is actually the key, if you have a list of 10.000 people that trust you and know of you, then selling your network marketing business is like stealing candy from a baby.

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So let's see how we can build our list and network marketing business. Most of the methods that I describe in this guide are very low cost. So I don’t recommend that you spend a lot of money, but there is one thing I recommend that you spend some money on, and that is an Auto-responder. This is because the majority of the people who visit your website will not buy or enrol from you on their first visit. In fact, most people do not buy a product on the Internet until they've seen it or heard about it at least 7 times.

If you go out and spend a bunch of time and money promoting a product on the Internet and you don't have an effective way to capture and follow-up with your website visitors to remind them about the products and services you are promoting, you will lose a lot of sales.

I recommend that you insert a form from your auto-responder into your page so you capture the name and e-mail on the people visit, the auto-responder I’ll like to use is called Traffic Oasis, With them you don’t just get an auto-responder, you get a monthly lead package as well! And this are not some bad leads, this is the best leads on the market, if you ask me! But the best of all, Is that you get paid a lot to refer someone to use the system. So, say you got 10 people from the first lead package to join your primary business, and they are asking you how to advertise. You refer them to Traffic Oasis, and get paid a second time on that person, and 9 of 10 will join, because they know it works, because they got referred this way! And now you are actually earning money on you auto-responder, instead of spending! ;)

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Google Adwords

Let me just say one ting, if you can master it, Google Adwords is the best form of advertisement on the net! When you learn to write the ad right, you’ll get a 50%+ CTR and maybe an ever higher sales rate! Let’s just say you got 20 impressions, 10 clicks and 7 sales! That maybe cost you $2!

With Google you get to have your site listed under each and every related search term you want and you don't pay a dime until someone actually clicks on your link and visits your site. In fact, you can even pay as little as 1 penny for each targeted visitor you get to your site through Google Adwords advertising

Contrast this form of advertising with advertising your website in a magazine or newspaper. Let's say you run a newspaper classified ad (which is another very effective way to generate commissions)... and let's assume it costs you $50 to get your classified ad printed in the weekend newspaper.

Now, if you run the right ad, you will most likely make some sales and be profitable with it. Still, you are paying for the ad space itself and you are not GUARANTEED any results like you would be with Google Adwords. With Google Adwords, let's imagine you are paying 50 cents per click... At 50 cents per click, you will receive 100 targeted visitors to your site...guaranteed!

WOW! Is the light bulb beginning to flicker in your head?

Do you realize the potential of this type of advertising???

Again, you only pay for RESULTS!!!

Never before in the history of advertising has it been possible to spend five bucks, write a couple of ads, and get instant access to over 100 million people in less than 10 minutes. That's what you can do with Google Adwords!

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