Increase Your Value by Spreeding!

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Want to increase the amount of value you bring others? The amount of knowledge you have affects the amount of value you provide to others. Increase your value by learning how to speed read, and increase your productivity at the same time.

Want to know how to increase the amount of value you bring to people? Of course you do… That’s pretty much the name of the game when it comes to Attraction Marketing.One of the ways to increase your value and the value you can provide to other people is to be continually learning and growing. If you are constantly learning new things (it doesn’t really matter what those things are) you will continuously have new information to share with people.It’s really that simple of an equation… Learn more things then turn around and teach those things to others. The more you teach,Guest Posting the more people will see you as a leader and as someone they want to follow and be in business with.Of course, it helps when the things you are learning are helpful, beneficial and inline with the needs and wants of your target audience. But, don’t assume that learning something a little obscure won’t help that audience.Take this lesson for example. This lesson is about speed-reading and how that can dramatically impact your success in business. On the surface it might not seem like speed-reading is something that would interest Network Marketers and those interested in building their businesses using the Internet.But, as I’m sure almost everyone has realized there is a TON of information online and it’s only going to grow from here. In fact, there have been numerous marketers who are trying to provide solutions to this growing “problem”.So, learning to speed read is a critical skill for dealing with information overload… If you can take in the same information in less time then you have more time to do other things. Whether that’s learning more information, spending more time with your family, or putting in more time building your business it doesn’t matter the key is that you have more time to do other things.What’s even cooler is that if you can take in more information than your competitors you will have an advantage over them. Think about it… If you could get the same knowledge as them, but can do it quicker then you will have more time to implement that knowledge and learn more knowledge, furthering the gap between you and them.A cool little tool that I found that can substantially increase your reading speed and help you get the most out of your time is called Spreed.Spreed is a marklet that you can use in your Internet browser and allows you to increase the rate at which you read text. Once you are at the application page you have a variety of choices regarding words per minute, chunk size, font size, pauses, etc.It’s a really intuitive little tool that allows for a good amount of flexibility for your online and text reading. Using the marklet, you just highlight the text you want to read and click the button you’ve put on your toolbar and it will put that text into Spreed.Alternatively, you could copy and paste that text into the “copy and paste” area they have. This will allow you to read things like word documents, PDFs, emails, etc, which aren’t web based. It can get a little tedious copying and pasting things into Spreed, but it really is fast and easy to do.You can find the Spreed app at you’re serious about learning how to speed-read then there are many other programs and course that you can take to improve your reading speed. However, just using Spreed will help out tremendously.

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To see a video demonstration of Spreed in action watch Increase Your Value By Spreeding! Learn more ways of increasing your productivity, and how to position your self for success, by checking out the 7 MLM Success Principles.

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