Outdated Copyright Date & Information = Outdated Sales & Customers!

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Try this test. Go to your ... list and check the ... dates at the bottom of each site. Are they current? You might be ... to find a good number ... a company or marketer can’t

Try this test. Go to your favorite’s list and check the copyright dates at the bottom of each site. Are they current? You might be surprised to find a good number aren’t.

If a company or marketer can’t even take the time to update their own site’s copyright date,Guest Posting how often do you think they update the content on their site? Not Often!

You can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by simply checking copyright dates at the bottom of new web sites you come across.

Sites that take the time and effort to keep their sites updated with current information will be infinitely more valuable than a sadly outdated site.

If you’re interested in getting into any affiliate programs, this is especially true. Trust few, if any affiliate programs whose sites are sadly outdated.

Remember your time is money! Don’t spend countless hours researching information on a site only to find the information was written in 1998 and simply is not applicable for 2004! Check the copyright date first!

Let’s face it, selling on the web means being credible. Outdated copyrights and information ruins it. Don’t get caught. Look for current copyright dates!

On the other side of the coin, if you’re a webmaster or own your own web site, update your copyright today! Even if you don’t update the information on your site every other day, at the very least, keep you copyright date current.

An even better way to present your copyright is to show a time period. For example: if your site was established in 1998 present your copyright like this: copyright 1998-2004.

You should be proud of the fact you’ve been in business for six years! This shows longevity and builds your credibility to potential clients.

Nothing bothers me more than wasting time on a site that keeps me guessing about the dated content. Your site should scream “I’m up to date, read me!!”

I love internet marketing and strive to provide my clients with strong, up-to-date products or affiliate programs.

So if you’re looking for programs or products online, check the copyright date first! If your selling products or services keep your site’s copyright updated!

Happy marketing to everyone and best of luck in all your endeavors!

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