Qnet Singapore is an important representative office

Dec 12


Jenny Jonson

Jenny Jonson

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Qnet previously known as QuestNet is an international E-commerce megacorp and a subordinate of Qi group of companies.


Qnet – An Introduction:


Qnet was established in the year 1998 with its headquarters functioning in Hong Kong.  Since 1998,Qnet Singapore is an important representative office  Articles Qnet has been one of the leading forerunners of the direct selling business all through Asia, issuing an innovative range of lifestyle products to millions of clienteles around the world through its cutting-edge e-commerce platform. In its second decade, the company is fast evolving as a global direct selling brand with major operations in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and a worldwide presence in almost 30 different countries through representative offices and agency partnerships.


Qnet Singapore is an important representative office

Qnet Singapore (the representative workplace in Singapore) is one of the most key offices in terms of operations. The Singapore office has been set up since 1999 and has played a major role in connecting the business operations aspect of the megacorp.Qnet Singapore has the regional headquarter for the travel and lifestyle division, under which the company’s wellness and energy products are advanced. Qnet designated Singapore as the location for the simple reason as the country is emerging immensely and provides an apt site for administering all the south western Asian subdivisions of the company. Qnet, through its global business and also through its localized companies, is a member of various industry bodies, such as the Direct Selling Association Singapore (DSAS).The local office of Qnet in Singapore has also been accepted as a member of the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore (HSIAS). HSIAS really represents 90 per cent of the health enhancement products sold in Singapore – the body itself comprises of leading health supplement companies in the city state. Qnet’s acceptance into the association is a knock-on acknowledgment of the aids of the company’s wide range of nutrition products like FiberFit soluble fiber, Ole olive leaf extract, Salba seed products and NutriSky.

Qnet Singapore was time-honored to meet the growing demands of Qnet Ltd.’s strong Singaporean market. This move allowed localized services and support tailored to the specific needs of the network.

  With localized operations, Qnet Singapore works closely with the relevant Singaporean ministries, local product dealers, and distribution networks to better serve the IRs and clienteles. The regional office at Singapore also plays a very significant role in the provision of product distribution and administers on the supply of Amezcua (Singapore) products and support services to Qnet Malaysia (representative office in Malaysia). Qnet has it representative offices running in 30 countries around the world. 


Qnet and the business venture:

In addition to the strong assortment of exclusive wellness brands – including nutrition, energy, personal care, home care and other lifestyle product groups – Qnet also offers a proven business prospect to promote the company’s products, representing the potential for a revolutionary business venture through network marketing.


Qnet, the leading subordinate of the QI Group of Companies, is driven by the assignment of ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind’ (RYTHM). This philosophy is exemplified in many widespread educational, environmental, cultural, and disaster relief humanitarian initiatives, which are enabled by the company’s corporate social responsibility arm, the RYTHM Foundation.