January 2007 Articles

Greenhouse Kits Vs. Building A Greenhouse From Plans

Deciding which is the most ideal, greenhouse kits or greenhouses that are built from a set of plans may depend on several factors which will be discussed in this article.

Beyond Either/Or Thinking

We don't always have to choose either option A or option B. What if it makes better sense to do both? Instead of limiting yourself to one 'right' solution, what if you take a minute to examine the viability of both?

Off To A Great Start: 10 Ways to Make Your Life Easier in 2007

If you’re like me, every so often you like the feeling of starting over fresh and getting organized, and what better time to do that than at the beginning of a new year? Here are some steps designed to help you review and improve all areas of your life.

My Boyfriend Gives me Screaming Orgasms Daily

I truly believe that this information will ignite passion in any relationship... whether you've been together forever and have an already fantastic sex life or if you're trying to impress the new woman you're dating, these techniques will bring you to absolutely ridiculous heights of pleasure.

Getting a Sexy Body Does Not Include War

Everyone isn't the same and people have different workout preferences, so chances are this program has SOMETHING that will fit you no matter what your body type. The workouts featured are those that coaches and trainers implement and use themselves in their programs for their clients, so they're proven successful and actually work.

Enjoy Watching TV Again

Since we've had it I've been most impressed with the variety of choices and how incredibly easy it is to use. Some programs are set up poorly and are frustrating to navigate, but this is hands down one of the most user-friendly services I've come across. There really are 3000+ stations to view which is by far my favorite feature. I've never NOT been able to find something to enjoy watching. Because there is such a variety, it allows us both to watch things we weren't able to before.

Beating and Avoiding Cancer and Serious Illness Naturally

An article from the author's book "Cancer's Natural Enemy" about natural remedies to help beat and avoid cancer and other serious illnesses and diseases.

Natural Remedies and Supplements for Diabetes

An article from the author's book "Collected Remedies" about natural remedies for diabetes.

21 Ways To Promote Your Website - Part Two

The second in a three part series detailing 21 different ways you can promote your website both on and offline. Neil Stafford, editor of the Internet Marketing Review Newsletter, walks you through each one.

Showing Your Gratitude to Out of Town Wedding Guests

On the bottom or back of your wedding program, an expression of thanks to out of town guests is very appropriate and makes for a lasting keepsake.

Finding the Best Caterer

Finding the best caterer is one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Recommendations from family, friends and co-workers are a good place to start. Then select a minimum of 5 to 6 caterers that you would like to interview.

Mouth Watering Wedding Cakes Available Today

Many bakeries like to experiment with new flavors and are open to suggestions. Perhaps the bride and groom would love a mint-flavored ganache and chocolate mousse to give their cake a Cream De Mint flavor.

My First Trip to Destin, Florida

An anecdotal story about a time, many years ago, when the author took a trip with his family and a hilarious episode ensued.

Having an Ice Sculpture at Your Wedding Reception

An ice sculpture at a wedding reception can be elegant, dramatic or fun. Some couples display their sculptures in the foyer, on the gift table, on one end of the bridal table, or alongside the cake.

Sweet Surprise for Healthy Hearts

Dr. Silva discusses the recent findings that dark chocolate is actually a contributor to a healthy heart. Research findings add dark chocolate to green tea and red wine in substances rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants.