Causes of inferiority complex

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Inferiority complex happens when someone assigns less priority to himself than others in qualities such as physical features,Guest Posting attractiveness, skills, knowledge etc.

Unlike any other habit, inferiority complex is another habit with its causes. This habit is usually surge from some past unfavorable situation that later forms and develops into a habit.

When this happens not every victim is targeted as some people managed to go through the process inferior-free. They don't even recognize it.

I compiled the list below to show you some of the causes of inferiority complex, and by understanding the causes, you'd be more resistant if threatened by any of its symptoms.

Causes of inferiority complex
  • Skin color: One of the main causes of inferiority complex happens to be within the realm of skin color. This is because some people tend to associate and make friends only with those of same race. With this impression, they're more likely to intimidate others if they happened to be different in this circle, thereby causing a sense of inferiority complex in them.
  • Self-doubt: If you were doubting your appearance then someone says you're looking weird (even not that serious) and you go believing that, you'd more likely to feel inferior because of what will be pondering in your mind: "How others will be thinking of me when I walk down the street." All this is just taking place in your own mind!
  • People will not like me! Just the thought in mind is sufficient enough to project the feelings of inferiority complex. You're already defeated before the whistle is blown. If you think that people would not like you, you'd see hundred of facts everyday fostering that belief. In my coaching sessions, I usually give simple and practical steps on how to break bad habits.
  • Handicapped: Another cause of inferiority complex happens when someone is physically handicapped. But being handicapped doesn't necessarily guarantee inferiority in a person. It only does when others start ostracizing you which then triggered the feeling of inferiority complex.
  • Social calibers: In some society, people draw lines when it comes down to social life. They make friends and associate only in the realm of social calibers. If you go to this society, you'd discover that the lower classes become inferiority to the upper class.
  • Being labeled names: Parents who usually scream whenever a child does wrong usually grow self-inferior children. If a child scored a lower grade and the mother says something like "your friends are getting A+..." or something like "you'll never go beyond a fool."  The mother has just planted the seed of inferiority in the child. Since a child learns better from the parents, whenever he fails a test he might be saying something like "After all mom was right."
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If you had examined the above causes of inferiority complex you'd have discovered that inferiority complex originated from our thoughts and social programmings that get coded in our subconscious mind.

So if you must break this habit today, you must first start filtering what gets stored in your mind and what not. You must also consider people's opinion but see them from the lens of triviality first.

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