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FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ... one who has suffered from the long, term effects of trauma I feel ... to share some ... and hope with those who seek to heal ... and create true qual

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED!As one who has suffered from the long,Guest Posting term effects of trauma I feel compelled to share some experience and hope with those who seek to heal themselves and create true quality of life. First there must be a desire for change. No more wearing your suffering as a badge. That said let us move on to the subject of focus, which is a problem area for those who have suffered from trauma. If you cannot focus then you cannot create change. Blessed be that now there are a number of simple to use tools that will go a long way towards enabling you to remedy this situation. The science of Brain function has made great strides in understanding how this magnificent piece of creative software works. This has led to advances in technology designed to alter Brain wave frequencies. If you are like me you tried with dismal results to practice Meditation but without the ability to focus you were doomed to fail. Enter, Brain wave technology, in an audio format that you can use to achieve relaxation and meditative states as well as enhance learning abilities. I have tried some of these tools and found them to be quite effective. There have also been great strides made in the area of subliminal technology but be forewarned you will need to do your homework here as there are those who make false claims. I encourage those of you who are truly interested in making positive changes in the quality of your lives to do some research into these new technologies. I ask no one to take what I say at face value. Get out there and do some legwork! Although my website deals primarily with specific areas of reality creation I have posted links that pertain to some of these technologies. Please feel free to go there and explore. You may also find some of the other info quite interesting in terms of what you can achieve when you have addressed the problem of focus. I’d also like to hear back from you and let me know what kind of progress your making. You’ll find a link to a message board under words of encouragement please feel free to use it to create a dialogue or post questions and share your victories. Now get out there and start doing your homework!

To Your Success

The Island Outlaw

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