Brain tumors symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatment

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In this article, you will know what is a brain tumor, what causes it, about the brain tumors symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatment. A brain tumor is a type of cancer.


Today the brain tumor is an increasingly serious problem,Guest Posting which needs to be identified and treated timely. People have this misconception in their mind that the treatment of a brain tumor is not possible. If the brain tumor is detected in its early stages, then its treatment is possible. In this article, you will know what is a brain tumor, what causes it, about the brain tumors symptoms, types, diagnosis, and treatment. A brain tumor is a type ofcancer.

                                   What is Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a collection or body of abnormal cells in the brain. The growth of abnormal cells inside the skull can cause problems. Brain tumors can be carcinogenic (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign). When malignant tumors grow, they can increase the pressure inside your skull, they can damage the brain and they can be life-threatening. Brain tumors can occur in both adults and children.

There are different types of brain tumors. Some brain tumors are cancer-free (noncancerous) (benign), and some brain tumors are cancerous (malignant). When brain tumors start from the brain, it is called primary brain tumor and if cancer starts from other parts of the body and reaches the brain, then the brain tumors caused by this type of cancer are secondary, or metastatic brain tumors. It is said.

Brain Tumor The faster the brain tumor grows, the faster it affects the functions of the nervous system. Treatment of brain tumors depends on their size, type, and location.


                                     Brain Tumor Symptoms

Brain tumor signs and symptoms differ significantly from other disease symptoms. These symptoms depend on the size, location, and rate of growth of the brain tumor. Brain tumors can be detected with the following symptoms:

  • The headache increases over time
  • dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • The sensation is one hand or leg (tingling)
  • Loss of memory or change in mental function
  • Trouble speaking or understanding
  • Confusion in everyday matters
  • Changes in hearing, taste, or smell
  • Seizures (especially in adults)
  • Change in personality or behavior
  • Hearing problems
  • Difficulty writing or reading
  • Muscle weakness in the face, arms, or legs


                                        Brain Tumor Causes

Primary brain tumors arise from the brain or surrounding tissues such as meninges, cranial nerves, pituitary gland or pineal gland.

There is an action of mutations in the DNA of normal cells, which helps in the division and growth of cells, leading to the introduction of primary brain tumors. Cell division leads to a rapid increase in the number of abnormal cells, which leads to the formation of tumors, which is the major cause of brain tumors.

Secondary brain tumors are widespread in adults, in secondary brain tumors, cancer starts from any part of the body and then reaches the brain.


                                         Brain Tumor Treatment

Treatment of tumors in the brain depends on the type, size, and location of the tumor as well as your health. The following remedies can be included on this basis.

Surgery – If the brain tumor is located in a place where it is easy to perform the operation, then your brain tumor is removed by surgery. Depending on the small size of the tumor and the reduced effect of cancer on the brain tissue, it is possible to remove the brain tumor completely.

Radiation therapy – High energy radiation, such as X-ray radiation or protons, is used in radiation therapy to kill tumor cells. An external beam of radiation is only put on the tumor affected area of your brain. Whole-brain radiation is used simultaneously to treat many tumor cancers, which spread to the brain from other parts of the body.

Radiosurgery – Radiosurgery is not related to surgery, in this process, high energy radiation is used to destroy very small area tumor cells. In brain tumors, radioactive radiation is injected in a single place to kill tumor cells.

Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy involves the use of drugs to kill tumor cells. The chemotherapy drug temozolomide (Temodar) is often used to treat brain tumors. This medicine is given in tablet form. Chemotherapy drugs can also have harmful effects on health.

Targeted drug therapy – Targeted drug works to destroy brain tumors by preventing abnormalities present within cancer cells and their unnecessary growth.


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