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Freedom Through ... Darrin F. CoeIt is my belief that those who live the most ... lives are those who live it with purpose. I believe that each person on earth is being ... for the

Freedom Through Purpose
by Darrin F. Coe

It is my belief that those who live the most successful lives are those who live it with purpose. I believe that each person on earth is being optimized for the realization of at least on significant ideal,Guest Posting that is their purpose. Each person on earth has a purpose. Whether you believe that we were created with a purpose or whether you believe that via our environment and our genetics we've developed to better realize a purpose than others, you should believe that each person does have purpose and a purpose.
One of the primary focuses of The Freedom Pride, through it's E-Workbooks and it's Freedom Coaching service is to help dissatisfied people, those who feel as if they are wandering about aimlessly in life, discover and develop their purpose.
Our purpose is what fuels us. It is the ultimate motivator. When you've got a firm grip on your purpose in life it supports a passion filled, energetic life, that's lived by design instead of default.
Having purpose provides a number of other elements to one's life as well as providing the fuel and passion for one's living.
A well defined purpose brings simplicity to life. When you've gotten hold of what your purpose is in life it provides a way for you to simplify your decisions in life. You now have a benchmark to measure your thought processes with. You can ask yourself, "Does this thought or decision further the realization of my purpose?" A well defined purpose makes decision making easier and clearer.
Purpose provides motivation for difficult tasks. For instance if your purpose is to encourage others to be healthy and free and you want to be an example of health and freedom by running a marathon then it'll be much easier to put in the miles given you are doing it with a purpose in mind and not for the self-serving reason of making yourself look good.
A well defined purpose will create positive waves that will enhance your relationships and the community around you. When you live your life based on a well defined purpose you can't help but look at your relationships in a more positive, passionate light which will then ripple outward in a wave of community enhancement, one relationship at a time.
In summary, the successfully lived life, a life of freedom and passion, is a life energized by purpose. In discovering and developing your purpose you enhance your life on several fronts. In enhancing your life with a well defined purpose you are then able to easily set for yourself a powerful life's vision, a motivating mission, and goals that magnetically pull you forward into a success filled life.
I'd like to recommend the E-Workbook, Freedom 101, at
as a resource for living a purpose driven successful life.

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Darrin F. Coe, MA
Darrin F. Coe, MA

Darrin Coe is a life coach.
He holds a Master's Degree in Psychology
He works as a Mental Health Clinician for the Colorado Department of Corrections. Darrin Coe holds two teaching certificates in the martial arts and is an active martial arts competitor. He operates the Freedom Pride.

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