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What is inspirational and motivating is different for everyoneand if we need to shift shift from moment to moment because it lets us build up our toolbox of ideas and keeps us going.

What is inspirational and motivating is different for everyone.  What we need may shift from moment to moment,Guest Posting but it helps us to build up our toolbox of ideas to keep us going, and so we have the right thing to pull out when we need it.

Our Powerful Latina interviewees have suggested many things that they find useful for them.  See which of these resonate for you, and add your own ideas as well. 

Maria Reinat-Pumarejo, nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize and co-director of ilé: Institute for Latino Empowerment, shared that for her, being in nature was something that gives her peace and recharges her batteries.

Many interviewees spoke of using music as a mood shifter.  Listening, playing or singing music, and even dancing to music are all motivating and inspiring, from time to time.

Ines Cifuentes, a Ph.D. in Seismology, former Director of the Carnegie Academy for Science Education (CASE) and winner of the 2008 Hispanic Heritage Award for Math and Science said that working out is something that motivates her.

Another big motivator was simply talking to friends and being around other women.  Juana Bordas, President of Mestiza Leadership International, and Dr. Ana Nogales, clinical psychologist, founder of Nogales Psychological Counseling, Inc., and Clinical Director of the nonprofit organization, Casa de la Familia, were two of the women who mentioned this motivator.

A really interesting idea was shared by interviewee Rita Jaramillo, Senior Liaison, Community Outreach, Office of Governance and Policy, for the National Education Association (NEA).  She compiled an "atta girl" book, where she saves certificates of achievement, notes from others that have commended her, and things that remind her of what she's accomplished.

This idea was echoed by one of our Powerful Latinas readers, Krista Contino Krahn, Intellectual Property Attorney, who wrote, "Whenever I receive a compliment from someone I trust or admire, I keep it in a draft email along with the others.  Then, when I am feeling badly about myself, I look at what is now a pretty hefty list of kind things people have said to me over the years."

This idea of an "atta girl" book, folder, box or file is a great one, and one I think we could all cultivate.  

Jeanette Cisneros, Family Practice Doctor and Medical Director of a Public Health Clinic, says she uses humor and laughter as a motivator.  Don't we all love a good laugh?

Naomi Helena Quinonez, Chicana poet and educator, American studies scholar and a Latina cultural advocate, writes to inspire both herself and others!

And a multitude of Powerful Latinas, among them Marcela Landres, one of the few Latina editors in book publishing, and an Editorial Consultant, spoke of reminding herself how far she's come and the blessing she has in her life to motivate and inspire herself.

Isn't it amazing that the ideas and suggestions for motivating ourselves are nearly endless?  What works for YOU?  Consider carefully what makes you feel special, warm, cared for, inspired and moved.

And then... add more of that to your life!  Isn't this a great time to start doing great things for yourself?  Do something just for *you* today!

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