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Having a mind which did not have any doubt or confusion or distraction, is another requisite to achieve success.

Thought pattern of everybody forms an important aspect to get this state of mind.

There are many thought patterns,Guest Postingwhich forbid us to have such state of mind.

The first and foremost thought pattern that everybody should have is that we should nothave even a bit of thinking to do undesirable things or unfavorable things to others.

Even if you are not able to do desirable things to others,you should not think about to do undesirable things to others.

I am referring a Tamil(one of the oldest Indian language)proverb here.The Proverb is "Marappom Mannippom".It means, "Let us forget and forgive".

Jealousy is the next thought pattern which block everybody's journey to success.

You won't get anything to gain for yourself out of jeleousy.But you invite diseases like blood pressure,tension,etc.,out of jealousy.

Jealousy is seen common among the peoples irrespective of their profession,business,studies,etc.,

Jealousy is not a progressive one to anybody who wants to achieve success but it ruins all the chances of his/her progress,because h/she always think about the success of other person in the negative sense and forget or omitting or missing his chances to become successful in hiscareer,business,profession or studies.

H/she forget to explore the possibilities to attain success in his field of profession.H/she don't have time to explore his possibilities,and always thinking about others in the negative sense.

When his/her mind is diluted with the negative thinking of other person's progress,which we may call it as jealousy,his/her mind won't suggest or direct him to achieve successor anything for his welfare.

Because h/she already engaged his/her mind in a negative way.

So if you want to be success in your career take rid of the jealousy from your heart.

When this is done your mind is crystal clear and will give you wonderful ideas,avenues for your progress,success,and welfare.

Obeying to your sub-conscious mind in the positive way is the next thought pattern thateverybody should develop.You cannot find a true,loyal friend,philospher and guide thanyour sub-conscious mind.Because it is the best teacher built within you.

It will never drag you to a dead end unless you think in the negative sense about yourself and others.

It will always guide you for the best thing and not to bad thing.

You should be loyal to your mind.

You should be very sincere to your mind.

You should be integrated to your mind.

When you are loyal,sinciore,integrated to your mind,automatically you will be loyal,sincioreand integrated to your childrens,your spouse,your employer,your customers,your masters,andto your country.

If you are not loyal to your mind,then you should get ready to accept the punishment and sufferings.

The punishment will not be awarded by any court from any land,but from the court of your heart.

You may seen/heard numerous news/scenes like this.Murderer is absconding after committingthe crime.Police are searching him in every nook and corner.

But he is surrendering voluntarily before the police after some time.

Who and what made him to surrender?It is nothing but his sub-conscious mind alone hasthe power to drive him to surrender or accept the punishment for the crime he has committed.

It would never let him to sleep,think,eat,unless it drive him to surrender or accept the punishment.Anybody can be cheated by anybody but nobody can cheat their sub-conscious mind.

Doing favor to those who did wrong to you is another thought pattern that everybody should built.

Even if you are not able to do any favor to him/her,atleast don't do any undesirable thing to him/her.

You might have experienced many sufferings because of somebody.But don't take or give importance to those sufferings and the person who did wrong to you,to your heart.

Because these are the feelings and sufferings that will raise often from the deep of your heartand won't allow you to do any progressive work for your welfare and to your family.

You will be always thinking about him/her and forget to think for your welfare.

Nothing is going to happen if you constantly think about him/her and the sufferings you metedout.

Nothing will happen out of this except you will lost all your path of success like you werein a unfamiliar forest.

You will lost all the resources for your success.

You will lost all the ideas to attain your success.

You will lost all the fortunes getting out of your success.

You will be missing your family,friends,etc.,Finally you will lost your peace of mind.

When you are concerning about others in the negative sense it means that you are losing your health also.

You are indirectly inviting unnecessary diseases like blood pressure,diabetes,etc.,

Good health only gives you hard and smart workable physique.

Hard and smart work give you more fortunes.

More fortunes make you to lead a happy life.

When you think about others in the negative sense you are missing to enter the door of success.

Not only that you are indirectly allowing others to overtake you who were lagging behind youand less qualified than you in all aspects.

Always have the principle of thinking that life is only to live happily without giving hindrance to others in any manner.

It is common that we have to encounter certain difficulties,face certain undesirable peoplesface certain undesirable incidents during our life time.

But we have to take the good for our welfare and leave the bad as lesson.

If we continuously think about the person who did wrong to us or waiting for the opportunity to take revenge,we are voluntarily inviting further troubles.

When you constantly think about a person who you don't like,You are wasting your wonderful future.

You are ruining your wonderful life.

You are wasting your wonderful time.

Human beings are wonderful creation of the nature or god whatever you may call.

You may not know whether you may born again in this universe or not.

So we must have the principle to be happy and to keep others happy till we live in this world.

Nothing is permanent in this world.

You cannot expect all you love will be always with you.when the situation changes no body will care about any body.

At the same time we must stick on to our duties with utmost sincerity whether it may be to our family or in our career.

We born in this world alone.No body accompanied us while we born.While we go from thisearth nobody will accompany us.

No body will also come forward to accompany us whether they may be our spouse or children or relation or whoever we love so much.We will go alone as if we enter in this earthalone.

Then why these commotions?Jealousy,vengence,etc.,

Can we guarantee for meeting these people again if we have another birth?

Can these same peoples will be our relations or friends again if we have another birth?

Nobody knows.

If you want to have a peace of mind to enjoy the success consider the principle of life is to live and not to suffer,or not for revenge.

Treat everybody as our friend.

Think every body as our well wisher.

Think everybody as our relative.

Then you won't have a grudge against him/her and you will have the peace of mind, which isthe topmost of all fortunes in this world.

This fortune alone will make you to achieve whatever you want in this world with great peace of mind.


Author's bio:Krishnan.c,48 years old,was formerly senior official in a State Govt.Corporation in India.

After serving 27 years of service,he is writting articles mostly on motivational topicsblended with his professional and personal experiences.

He has written many artilces on parenting,childen,health practices,etc.,

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His recent contributions are,

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Krishnan.c,is writting articles mostly on motivational topics blended with his professional and personal experiences. Recently he has released his ebook "You can succeed".

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