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“Because we always have control over the doing component of our behavior,Guest Posting if we markedly change that component, we cannot avoid changing the thinking, feeling, and physiological components as well.”
William Glasser, _Take Effective Control of Your Life_

Dr. Roberto Assagioli called this technique of controlling what we do “acting as if” . . .

“If we are sad or depressed, it is difficult, if not impossible, to become cheerful or serene through a direct act of will. It IS within our power to smooth our forehead, lift our head, smile, and speak words of harmony, optimism, confidence, and joy.

“The use of this technology will actually change our emotional state. Little by little, and sometimes rapidly, the emotional state will follow, adapt itself to, and match the attitude and external behavior.”
Roberto Assagioli, _The Act of Will_

The great acting coach Constantin Stanislavsky called aligned principles simply “the method.”

What almost unimaginable, and transcendent, freedom we have. Act as we want to be, and we will become it. We do not have to be slaves to our emotions, our psychological barbs, our internal weather. We just need to imagine how we want to be and then put it into ACTION.


Our emotions are chemicals. (For more about emotions and chemicals, read Candace Pert’s _Molecules of Emotion_.) Whistling in the dark, acting confident when we are scared, changes our emotions. Our chemical self changes and we have the chemicals of confidence. We are confident!

No longer just acting the part.

Let’s all become actors today. Who will you be?


A queen in your court? Don that invisible crown and wave your imaginary scepter at life, commanding not cowering. Start now, Your Highness. Oh, so high.

A tycoon? Walk like a trillionaire. Get the chemicals of a magnate coursing through your blood and bones and you will become a magnet for riches -- the Midas method turning all to gold.

A jewel of joy? Put on a happy face, add a bounce to your step, and open your arms wide to life. To paraphrase some song I heard long ago, say loudly when you open your arms: “I’m big! I’m glad! I’m nationwide!” Those chemicals of delight will soon stream through every cell.

“Acting as if” lets you design a new life. Shall we hold an Oscar night? You can turn your role into a day-to-day reality. You will win much more than an Oscar.


Decide who you are going to be today. Confident? Optimistic? Vibrant? Playful? Patient? Successful? Loving? What do you really want?

Sit for a while and imagine how you would act if you were that person. Make notes on posture, gestures, tone of voice, manner of dressing, way of walking, enunciation, expressions, sound and action of laughing, topics of conversation, you’ll think of more as you wholly and completely and fully imagine this new you. Take time with this exercise, no less than ten minutes.

Then stand up and begin to play the part. Go to the mirror and perfect your acting. This will be fun. You are doing what you loved to do as a child -- make believe. You have not lost that skill to make believe. You just need to let it out on stage today.

Your acting will change every molecule in your body. Not to mention your life.

Today you are the director, the actor, and the producer all rolled (and “role”d) into one transforming performance.

Ready? Roll those cameras. The first scene starts now. Action!

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