Jul 15


Sara Hardy

Sara Hardy

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What is holding your business back?You follow every lead you get about ... thing to do to enhance your ... read up on ... but nothing is ... is most likely the pro


What is holding your business back?
You follow every lead you get about the
"best" thing to do to enhance your business,
you read up on everything,MIND-OVER-MATTER Articles but nothing is progressing.

-What is most likely the problem?
-Will it cost a lot of hard-earned money to fix it?

Well, one of the most common and easiest problems to fix is
Be it in your business, yourself, your product,
in dealing with people, whatever,
it can be a HUGE wall blocking your way to succeeding!

-How can that be?
-What could that possibly have to do with success?

Consider these examples:

Have you ever held yourself back from;
*Writing an article for publishing?
*How about that award you almost submitted for, but thought your
site was not good enough?
*What could be holding you back from trying to
design your own webpage or graphics?

You may have an adequate knowledge to accomplish these things
and more, but lack the confidence to proceed with the benefiting action.
(Just look at what confidence did for that certain naked survivor from the
first Survivor show! It helped him win a million dollars!)

When you have a Internet or home-based business,
of course you are very proud of what you accomplish,
but what happens when it comes to telling others about it?
There is a certain stigma that comes with having this type of business.
People react one of two ways.
It's either- "Tell me more about it, I want to
do that too!" OR "Oh, do you make any money that way?"

Just because you don't have a big office in a big corporate building
does not mean that you do not have a reason to be confident.
But fear of rejection can cause you to be hesitant to tell people
what it is that you do.
It is so common that people close to you will tell people,
"I am not sure exactly what it is all about."
This can kill any confidence you may have.

I'm sure you are asking,
-What can I do?
-Where can I get this great key to success?"

Of course, confidence comes from within.
We HAVE to constantly battle our thoughts.
One way to find confidence in what you do is by identifying the
whole problem. Once you realize that you are better at what you do then you
think, you will find ways to reach out to learn more, to try more, and to
take more chances. You have to be convinced that
"what you do and how you do it"
is the best thing next to sliced bread.

You must also put effort into being more then confident when you tell others
about your business. If you aren't exactly sure what your title would be,
or what words to use to describe your business, then why not do a little
footwork. Surf around the internet and see what terminology is the most
impressive for what you do. That way you have no reason to even THINK that
you need to be less then confident in what you have worked so hard to build.
You must reflect confidence for others to think highly of your business.

When it comes to taking your business in a different direction, if you can
jump into anything with both feet, that is great! But, if you have to test
the waters first, at least you ARE testing them. If you keep the momentum
going forward instead of standing still, then you will eventually get to
where you want to go, all because of confidence!

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