The Success Band – A Powerful Technique For Accelerating Your Success

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All success requires positive beliefs about your abilities to accomplish something.  Negative mental self talk hinders your success, so it must change.  Changing your mental self talk is a matter of knowing how.  By using the Success Band, you will experience a dramatic shift in your own mental self talk from negative messages to positive messages, which will propel you on toward success in any area you want.

Do you want to know how to change your thinking for success?  Here’s a technique that takes very little time.  The Success Band technique taught to you in this article is simple,Guest Posting powerful, and effective. 

In order to be successful in anything, you need to believe in yourself that you can do it.  You must believe that you are a winner, that you are great, that you have all the necessary qualities such as honesty, perseverance, respect, honor, integrity, etc. to accomplish what you want.  If you don’t believe in yourself, your beliefs about yourself MUST change before you can be successful.

Most people believe that if they make a mistake, it works best to get down on themselves and pummel themselves mentally.  Let me tell you a secret – it NEVER works!  The behavior never gets better, and in most cases it just gets worse.  The only true way to change the behavior and to become successful at anything is to be encouraging to yourself.  To start to be encouraging to yourself, you need to be aware of your own mental self talk – it MUST be positive! 

Reuben Gonzalez, three-time Olympian, taught this very simple technique for changing your mental self talk.  He shared his experience with the Success Band, and how it changed his life forever in only three weeks. 

Get a thick rubber band and put it on your wrist.  Make sure that it is larger in diameter than your wrist – you don’t want to cut off blood circulation to your hand.  If anyone asks you what it is, it is your “Success Band.”  Own it with pride, because it will change your life!

The purpose of the rubber band is to disrupt your mental self talk anytime you are doubtful of your abilities, anytime you get down on yourself, anytime you say “I’ll try” instead of being 100% committed, or anytime you start to think or entertain thoughts that you know are not right.  Each time that happens, you reach down and grab that Success Band and snap it hard against your wrist.  In the very moment that you snap it you’ll be screaming for your Mommy (it should really hurt that bad).  After you’ve stopped screaming, replace the negative thought with a positive one.  The positive message can be anything that helps you feel great about yourself.  For example, as soon as you hear your mind saying to yourself, “Why did I do that? I’m so stupid!” Right away, snap the Success Band so that it really stings, scream, and then replace the thought with a positive one about yourself, such as, “I am a winner!”  The positive messages that you can use are only limited by your imagination. 

Just so you are aware, the rubber band needs to be snapped hard so that the pain is sharp and it lingers for a good 15 to 20 seconds after the snap.  If the snap is too wimpy, the effect will be less dramatic.  If you don’t have a huge welt on your wrist the first day, you’re not trying hard enough.

As you consistently do this, you will become acutely aware of all the negative thoughts and self talk that you do.  You will also become very aware of the negative messages you’ll hear others say.  Don’t worry so much about what others say, this is about you.  If you want to help others become aware of their own negative messages, introduce them to the Success Band.

The Success Band method is so powerful because it is literally rewiring your brain based upon the pain/pleasure paradigm that Tony Robbins talks about in great length in his books.  You are retraining yourself to gain immense pleasure from telling yourself positive messages, and you are experiencing sharp pain each time you think a negative thought.  Your mind will quickly want to do whatever it can to avoid the pain.  That is why this technique is so powerful.  In a very short time, you’ll be talking to yourself like Mohammed Ali, “I am the greatest…I am the best…I always win…etc.”  I truly hope you do.

Reuben Gonzalez explained that it really doesn’t matter the mistakes we make, it matters what we say to ourselves about it.  We all do things that are less than brilliant, yet we can change our mental self talk so that it is ALWAYS positive.  He gives a simple example of leaving his car keys behind, and how he’d really get down on himself about how stupid he was about doing it.  As he used the Success Band, his thoughts changed dramatically to telling himself how smart he was that he remembered that he left his car keys behind.  He even combined his positive messages so that he would tell himself multiple positive things, not matter what happened.  He tells how the Success Band changed his life forever, and it will do the same for you.

Success is inevitable if you have continual and positive mental self talk.  The Success Band is an incredibly simple and powerful way to help you develop the right mindset for success.  Be sure to snap it hard in the very moment a negative thought comes, and replace it right away with a positive message.  Do this for one full month and see the dramatic results in your life.  This I just the beginning of your success.

Go forward as the winner you are in your life of success and achievement!

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