Is India a growing market for game development outsourcing?

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Game Development is a field which needs talented and skilled professionals from designers, digital and graphic artists and programmers. Game development is a costly business and a very competitive field which has forced the game development companies to look out for more cost effective ways to develop high-quality games.

The introduction of Play stations and X-Box have also increased the need for high quality,Guest Posting better graphics, and realistic games. It has the potential to attract new people and create revenue and growth opportunities which increase the demand for game development. India has now grown into one of the most leading countries for outsourcing game development.

In India, you can find a lot of talented and skilled artists, low cost of production and deliver high-quality products which are some of the reasons that have made outsourcing more popular here. Apart from these, there are also some specific skills that many developers don’t have access to such as game testing and localization. The outsourcing capabilities of India have resulted in drawing the attention of many companies to India to outsource game development. Outsourcing also gives the opportunity to Indian developers to work with talented artists around the world and get more exposure to International trends and standards of game development.

The gaming industry has evidently made a mark in the country which is visible from the rising number of institutions that have specialized courses in game designing and 3D game art in India. India already has more than 100 institutions that provide courses on Game designing and 3D art for basic and expert levels. These growing number of trained personnel’s has also increased the scope for game development outsourcing in India.

Many companies have started competing in this space and have great growth plans for the future.  Many Indian studios which are specialized in game art outsourcinghave worked with some of the top global game development companies in areas like 3d game art. Working with international companies is not a simple task, as it has its own challenges of working efficiently according to international standards. According to NASSCOM, the Indian gaming industry has grown rapidly over the years and there are already more than 250 gaming companies in the country.

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