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Sky is one of those names that barely needs an introduction – it has become the leading broadcaster across Ireland for movies and sports thanks to the highly successful Sky Movies and Sky Sports subscription channels; not to mention its devotion to entertainment and its additional services such as Sky Plus, Sky Phone and Sky broadband.

Since Sky launched new channel Sky Atlantic,Guest Posting viewers have been treated to drama after drama of the highest quality. A showcase of the best shows that America has to offer, Sky Atlantic is all the more impressive when watched in stunning Sky HD.The latest Sky Atlantic show getting everyone talking is the epic Game of Thrones. Set in the mythical ‘`Seven Kingdoms’ Game of Thrones is an intriguing tale of lust, lies and power struggles for the Iron Throne.Such a show boasting a spectacular set benefits in particular from being watched in the clarity of HD. In HD the wintery wilderness scenery looks crisper, and the fight scenes more brutal. The realism displayed on your television screen sucks you into the imaginary world and puts you at the heart of the action.Another epic Sky Digital show on Atlantic that would benefit from HD viewing is Battlestar Galactica. A sci-fi drama on a grand scale, Battlestar Galactica in HD is a feast for the eyes. Bright constellations and mysterious planets burn fiercely in HD clarity, transporting you to a different world beyond ours.Of course, shows don’t have to be big, visual productions to benefit from HD technology. Shows such as 20’s set drama Boardwalk Empire can benefit in many ways, from picking out the detail in the costumes to catching the slightest telling change of facial expression.Brought to life by the acclaimed Oscar winning director Martin Scorsese, the characters of Boardwalk Empire are played by masters in their craft such as Hollywood legend Steve Buscemi (Mr Pink in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs). It’s far more common for well-respected film actors to take leading roles in American television dramas than it is in the UK, and the medium is well respected with a huge audience.Among the big names you can enjoy watching on Sky Atlantic are Tom Selleck in Blue Bloods (Magnum PI, Three Men and a Little Lady, Friends) and John Goodman (Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Roseanne). However, us Brits aren’t doing too badly for ourselves across the pond.In fact, it seems that British actors are first in line for many of the leading roles in the greatest American drama series. Sean Bean currently stars in Game of Thrones, and Kate Winslet has the title role in Sky Atlantic’s latest big period drama, Mildred Pierce.Other faces that you may recognise while watching include London born Jamie Bamber, a Peak Practice (remember that?) regular, who has a starring role as Apollo in Battlestar Galactica, former Hollyoaks babe Roxanne McKee who plays an aid to one of the main characters in Game of Thrones, and Scottish ‘Trainspotter’ Kelly Macdonald who stars as Margaret in Boardwalk Empire.As well as brand new shows, and ongoing favourites such as Mad Men and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sky Atlantic also screens some great re-runs of shows that you may have missed the first time around, or that you may just want to enjoy one more time.Sopranos is one such show, starring James Gandolfini as the gangster in the title role, Tony Soprano. The first run of the show finished in 2007 after six magnificent series, so Sky Atlantic is giving a whole new generation of drama lovers the chance to watch and enjoy this critically acclaimed modern masterpiece.Those who can’t get enough of Sky Atlantic’s big budget dramas should also check out the amazing drama series on FXUK (formerly FOX). One show with a big following in the UK is Dexter, which follows the misadventures of a serial killer with an interesting ‘moral code’. Part thriller, part comedy, this off-beat drama scores top marks for originality and at times feels like a breath of fresh air.Other popular FX shows available on Sky are vampire drama True Blood and close to the bone comedy American Dad.When you subscribe to Sky you have all these shows and more at your fingertips. Take a look on deals website 5hop5.ie for all the latest Sky Ireland offers, and get yourself set up for some cinema quality viewing from the comfort of your own home.What better after a long day than to sink into the sofa and a top quality drama series? Whether it’s sci-fi, thrills, gangsters or epic masterpieces that float your boat, you’re sure to be glued from the opening credits. Throw in a tasty takeaway, a glass of something chilled and a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and you have all the ingredients of a perfect night in front of the TV. Just don’t let go of the remote!

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