Sell Beats Online Easier Than Ever

Sep 5


Kyle Artzt

Kyle Artzt

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If you want to learn all about how to sell beats online and selling beats, read this article.

Did you know that right now is the best possible time for you to get into the business of trying to sell beats online? The truth of the matter is,Sell Beats Online Easier Than Ever Articles there are more opportunities around now than there were ten years ago, despite the common idea that the music industry is 'crashing'.

There's one big issue with the old school cats who make music and think everything is going down the hole for us as artists... They think that recording programs being cheap and available to the public (such as pro tools, adobe audition and fruity loops) means that the competition is rising far too quickly... But don't listen! That is not the truth. Here's a couple facts to consider:

The competition is getting bigger... Sure, I'll agree with that because there are more artists coming along now than ever before. But does that mean you can't sell beats? NO! Most people can't make beats well enough to make songs which they can be proud of. The general population of hip hop artists rely on producers to do their job... Which is make them beats! Since that's the case, and since there are more rappers online than ever before, that means MORE prospects looking for beats!! Everybody may want to be able to produce, but the truth is... Most rappers simply aren't any good (and they know it...)

Don't believe the hype... Now is a great time to get started and you can do so using websites such as Soundclick, MySpace, Facebook and other websites online. As long as you have the right business mind and you follow the right process, you're going to have success selling beats whether or not you use the same sites as everybody else.

Here's the basics... You need to be gathering up a big email list full of people who are interested in beats, sell to them over and over again and gain new prospects along the way. This is a lot easier than most people think, and it's certainly not rocket science. If you want to learn how to gather hundreds of emails per day without spamming or buying a list, go ahead and check out the links in the bottom paragraph.

Remember: the most important factor of selling beats is simply your mind set. If you stop treating your beat selling site like just another weak little promotion outlet and you start thinking about it as a production company, then you can get serious and cash in on one of the biggest markets in the entire music industry.

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