Ten Proven Strategies to Increase Your Ezine Subscriber Base

Jan 1


Ken Hill

Ken Hill

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The first paragraph of this article provides a brief summary of the content. It discusses ten effective strategies for increasing the number of subscribers to your ezine. These strategies include swapping ads with other ezine publishers, writing articles, creating an ebook compilation of your articles, swapping recommendations with other ezine publishers, submitting your ezine to directories, using ezine announcement lists, making a sample issue available, using your signature file to promote your ezine, purchasing advertising in other ezines, and placing free ads in other ezines.

Swap Ads with Other Ezine Publishers

One effective strategy for increasing your ezine subscriber base is to swap ads with other ezine publishers. This involves exchanging sponsor,Ten Proven Strategies to Increase Your Ezine Subscriber Base Articles feature, classified, or solo ads with publishers whose subscribers are likely to be interested in the content of your ezine. This strategy benefits both you and the other publisher by providing a cost-free method of gaining more subscriptions. When selecting ezines to swap ads with, choose those that offer content that would interest your potential subscribers, but avoid those that are in direct competition with your ezine.

Write and Distribute Articles

Writing articles is another powerful strategy for gaining new subscribers. Your articles can include a resource box at the end, which can be used to attract more subscribers. Submit your articles to article directories, article announcement lists, and ezine publishers who are seeking content for their ezines. You could also create a list that announces when you've written a new article to attract more publishers to regularly feature your articles.

Create an Ebook Compilation of Your Articles

Creating an ebook compilation of your articles and offering it as a bonus for subscribing to your ezine can significantly increase your number of subscriptions. You can further increase the number of subscriptions by allowing other ezine publishers to use your ebook as a bonus for their subscribers. Additionally, allowing people to rebrand your ebook with a link to their site or ezine can encourage more people to offer your ebook as a bonus or feature it on their sites.

Swap Recommendations with Other Ezine Publishers

Swapping recommendations with other ezine publishers can also be an effective strategy. You can recommend another publisher's ezine to your subscribers in exchange for them doing the same for you. You could also feature a recommended ezines section in each issue or recommend other publishers' ezines on your "thank you" page or in your welcome message in exchange for the same, providing long-term promotion for your ezine.

Submit Your Ezine to Directories

Submitting your ezine to directories can help get your ezine noticed by people interested in its topic. This can also help you find more advertisers for your ezine and other publishers interested in joint ventures.

Use Ezine Announcement Lists

Ezine announcement lists can be used to promote your ezine. Many of these lists allow you to post ads for your ezine on a weekly or monthly basis, providing an easy way to consistently promote your ezine.

Make a Sample Issue Available

Making a sample issue of your ezine available on your site or via autoresponder can increase your subscriptions by giving potential subscribers a taste of the quality content your ezine offers.

Use Your Signature File to Promote Your Ezine

Adding a signature file that promotes your ezine to your outgoing emails and posts to discussion lists or online forums can be an effective way to attract more subscribers.

Purchase Advertising in Other Ezines

Purchasing advertising in other ezines that reach your target audience or offer good advertising rates can also be an effective strategy. For best results, place your ad for at least three consecutive issues, as repetition can help attract the most new subscribers.

Place Free Ads in Other Ezines

Many ezine publishers allow their subscribers to place free ads on a weekly, monthly, or per issue basis as a benefit of subscribing. Tracking your free ads can help you determine which ad copy is most effective and which ezines would be good choices for paid advertising or ad swaps.