Burial Vs Cremation

Apr 17


Sean M. Clarke

Sean M. Clarke

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Every year more than 50 million people die worldwide. The two main forms of funeral rites adopted by most are either cremation or burial. Through spiritual research methodologies, we have examined the effect of each of these types of funeral rites from the point of view of helping our ancestors in the afterlife.


What happens to the physical and subtle body of an average person after death?

·         When a person dies only the physical body is shed,Burial Vs Cremation Articles but the subtle body consisting of the mind, intellect, ego and all the desires in the form of sheaths continues to exist.

·         At the time of death, excretory gases are expelled from the dead body. Since they are gases exiting a decaying body, their frequencies and vibrations are negative in nature and as a result the tama component increases in the immediate surrounding environment. Ghosts (demons, devils, spirits etc) get attracted to these negative frequencies and enter the environment around the dead body.

·         The ghosts attack the dead body by gaining control over the five vital energies and sub-vital energies, which are in the process of being released into the Universe from the body at the time of death. They emit black energy in the form of smoke on to the dead body, engulfing it and creating a black covering on it. This smoke is invisible but can be perceived through one’s sixth sense (ESP). Due to the attacks by ghosts, there is a transmission of black frequencies into the dead body and the corpse gets charged with these black frequencies.

·         After the ghost gains control on the physical body and five vital energies and sub-vital energies, it turns its attention to capturing the subtle body of the dead person.

·         The subtle body of an average person is generally full of worldly desires and hovers around in the Earth plane. It has a subtle link with its previous physical body, both in the form of attachment to it and also through the vital energy which is released into the atmosphere over a period of a few days. Ghosts use this subtle link to get to the subtle body. It begins to ensnare the subtle body by transmitting whorls of black energy towards the subtle body. It thus pulls the subtle body of the deceased into its field of attack.

·         Then they trap the subtle body into a web of black frequencies. This impedes the free movement of the subtle body and thus creates obstacles in its onward journey in the afterlife. After some time, many ghosts join the attack on the subtle body by creating further whorls of black frequencies and take it under their complete control. In this way, ghosts systematically gain control over the dead body and the subtle body of the departed ancestor.

Function and importance of spiritually correct funeral rites 

Main aim is to accomplish the following:

·         Minimize the attack by ghosts

·         Help the subtle body shake off its bond to the physical body

·         To give momentum and protection to the subtle body in its onward journey in the afterlife.

Comparative study of Cremation and Burial through an advanced sixth sense (ESP)

Spiritually correct cremation of a body

Cremation is the practice of disposing of a corpse by burning.

At the outset, it is important to note that the cremation needs to be done at the earliest and preferably before sunset. By expediting the funeral process itself, we minimise the impact on the dead body by ghosts (demons, devils, spirits, etc.).

The following are the sequence of events that were observed -

1.      During the cremation (with the effect of the Absolute Fire element) along with the recitation of specific mantras, the five vital energies, sub-vital energies and excretory gases in the corpse are expelled and disintegrated in the atmosphere.

2.      As the body is burning, a subtle protective sheath forms around the body due to the Absolute Fire element and mantras, protecting it from any attack by ghosts.

3.      Due to the complete disintegration of the five vital energies and sub-vital energies any subtle bond that the subtle body had with the body is broken.

4.      The Absolute Fire element and mantras also cleanse the subtle body of any raja-tama frequencies and provide a protective sheath around it.

5.      As a result, the subtle body now cleansed of raja-tama frequencies becomes lighter and more sattvik. This adds to the momentum in its onward journey out of the Earth plane.

Burial of a body

Casket (coffin) manufacturers generally manufacture caskets with seamless welds and rubber gaskets. These caskets are known as 'sealed' caskets. The caskets are made in such a way so as to keep out water, soil and air. However they also succeed in trapping all the excretory gases in the coffin. The subtle pressure in the coffin rises as the distressing frequencies emanating from the corpse materialize within the coffin and are transformed into a black sheath around the body. This materialization process generates distressing, frictional, hot frequencies. These frequencies generate a subtle distressing sound that attracts ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies etc.).

The ghosts enter the coffin and gain control over the five vital energies, sub-vital energies and begin the charging of the corpse with a covering of black energy. As the body is buried adjacent to the ground, it attracts distressing frequencies from the Hell region that form a dome of black frequency chords over the corpse. Over time, with the inundation of black energy by ghosts, the heaviness of the subtle body also increases. The subtle body is pulled towards the coffin and gets trapped in it and falls prey to the attacks by ghosts.

As the subtle bodies of the buried are trapped in the Earth region their probability of becoming ghosts is more than in those where the body is cremated. Even if the person has led a relatively good life when alive, just by the very act of burial, his probability of becoming a ghost much against his own will increases manifold. Under the influence of other ghosts, he is forced to commit acts wherein his demerits rise relegating him further to the lower regions of the Universe.

In Summary

After the research conducted on both kinds of funeral rites i.e. Cremation and Burial only cremation meets all the criteria for the effectiveness of a funeral rite as below:

  • Minimises the attack by ghosts
  • Helps the subtle body shake off its bond to the physical body
  • Gives momentum and protection to the subtle body in the afterlife

Sometimes we are attached to the form of funeral rite that our culture is used to. However, the spiritual repercussions of burial need to be weighed against one’s psychological attachment for a certain funeral rite.

To learn more and view the subtle drawings of this topic visit: http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritualresearch/difficulties/ancestors/Burial_Cremation.php