12 Profit Increasing Tips For Ezine Publishers

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1. Provide your ... with special offers, ... or sales that only they are privy to. This could include ... only bonuses for ... your product, a two for one sale, or you coul

1. Provide your subscribers with special offers,Guest Posting discounts or sales that only they are privy to.

This could include subscriber only bonuses for purchasing your product, a two for one sale, or you could sell your product at a lower price for a limited time to boost your sales.

2. Include a publisher's note or welcome message before you get into your ezine's content.

This will help you to add your personality to your ezine as well as help you to build up your subscriber's trust in you and your business.

Your publisher's note is also a great place to be self promotional by telling your subscribers of any special offers or subscriber only discounts you have running.

3. Use bonuses to get more subscriptions to your publication such as ebooks you've written, ebooks you have the resell rights to, a marketing course, or anything else that your visitors would find to be valuable.

4. Promote your ezine on every page of your site with a subscription box that advertises your ezine.

Ask for your subscriber's first name on your subscription box so that you can personalize your ezine with your subscriber's name.

5. Swap ads with other ezine publishers. This will give you an effective way to increase your circulation by promoting your ezine in publications that target the same audience as your ezine does.

Swap ads for at least three issues in a row and track your ad swaps so that you will be able to tell which ezines and which ads get the best response.

6. Purchase classified ads and sponsor ads in other ezines.

As with your ad swaps track your ads so that you can identify which ezines are best to advertise in and which ads are the most effective in increasing your subscriptions.

7. Submit your publication to ezine directories and announcement lists.

This will get your publication noticed by people interested in subscribing to ezines like yours. In addition most announcement lists will allow you to submit your ezine on a weekly or monthly basis which will give you ongoing promotion of your ezine.

Some directories and announcement lists to help you get started are:


8. Write your own articles that you publish in your ezine.

Writing articles will increase your credibility with your subscribers and lead to more sales of your products.

Try writing "how to articles" that show your readers step by step how to do something or provide your readers with a list of valuable tips.

After your articles place an advertisement that promotes your business, service or special offer.

9. Go through the articles you've run in your ezine and pick those that you feel best showcase your expertise.

Add a benefit rich resource box to your articles that entices your readers to subscribe to your publication and then submit your articles to article directories, article announcement lists, and to other ezine publishers.

Some announcement lists and directories you can submit your articles to are:


10. Use testimonials for your products in your ezine to increase your subscriber's trust in your product and to increase your sales.

Also increase the number of visitors that subscribe to your ezine by including testimonials for your ezine on your site from your happy subscribers.

11. Use your signature file to promote your ezine.

Keep your sig file to 5-8 lines that stress the benefits of subscribing to your ezine and use your sig file in all your outgoing email. This will give you an easy no cost way to promote your ezine and rake in new subscribers.

12. Recommend the products of affiliate programs you've joined to your subscribers.

This will help you to increase your profit while helping you to meet your subscribers needs. Only endorse products you have used and would whole heartedly recommend to your subscriber base.

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