Impact of COVID-19 on Relocation Services in India

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This article tells about the demand and the impact raised because of covid pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has largely impacted our daily lives with the complete national lockdown,Guest Posting restrictions on the movement, economy, and the social distancing norm. It has shattered our lives to a great extent that everything has overturned, and the situation is chaotic. Most of the sectors and businesses got affected due to the deadly coronavirus, and the relocation service is not an exception. The frequency of people shifting to a new place or home is usually high, but the pandemic outbreak has brought relocation to a standstill. 

Relocating a home or office has been made easy and hassle-free with the reliable packers and movers in Bangalore. However, it’s not the same in the Covid-19 scenario and the new normal circumstances. There are multiple things involved in moving like getting permits from the state, transporting goods safely with sanitizing, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing. Though moving is not preferred during the current covid-19 scenario, there are some significant reasons for people who leave them no choice but to relocate during this challenging situation. Hiring professional relocation services in Delhi will help you relocate with complete safety and efficiency.

Challenges Brought on by the Covid-19 Pandemic

While relocation is a low-risk activity under normal conditions or circumstances, it is incredibly challenging during the Covid-19 pandemic. The packers and movers company has to check regarding the travel restrictions within and outside the state or country, adhere to the government guidelines, rules, and conditions. Changes in immigration policies or requirements and tax consequences are the other problems faced during international shifting or relocation. The safety of the customers as well as employees is the first and foremost concern that has to be taken care of and provided. The relocation service companies are working toward that. Moving goods safely without getting affected is vital, and there has to be the best relocation strategy to take this forward. 

Managing Covid-19 Relocation Challenges

Moving out from your home increases the chances of getting infected from the Coronavirus, so it is advisable to avoid shifting during this time in the first instance unless it is essential. The relocation companies have adapted and implemented specific measures in line with government rules and regulations. Some of them include:

  • Implementing stricter hygiene measures like washing hands regularly, avoiding close contact with clients, providing disposable gloves for the team for packing and unpacking, and regular vehicle cleaning and maintenance throughout the relocation process.
  • Staying on current updates of the government policies regarding local, national, and international shifting.
  • Providing information to clients on the special measures adopted by the company regarding safety and health.
  • Complying with the local officials’ orders and monitoring their communications
  • Adapting new processes to protect employees from getting infected.
  • Minimizing personal exposure when providing essential services.
  • Virtual destination services, rental assistance, and support.
  • Additional benefits or services for the safety and well-being of the relocating employee and family.
  • Separate forms for transportation to meet at various appointments and more.


Setting up the right relocation strategy will help the packers and movers company to be back on track and carry forward the shifting process safely and effectively. Be extra cautious while moving in this covid-19 situation with all the safety tips being followed. Many professional moving companies and online movers and packers in India have specially trained their teams to make a healthy and safe relocation. So, if you plan to move during this emergency, hire the trusted and verified packers and movers who take the above precautions through

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