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Your newsletter name has a big effect on your readership, so it's essential you choose a good name right from the start. Here are some ideas to help you come up with creative newsletter names...

#1. Your Niche

You can include the name of your niche in your newsletter title to explain what the content is about. This is one of the most common naming techniques people use. Here are some sample newsletter names...

  • Affiliate Marketing Facts
  • Search Engine Optimization Advice
  • Email Marketing Insider Tips
  • Easy Gardening Guide
  • Free Golf Tips

#2. Your Target Market

Your newsletter targets a certain audience,Guest Posting right? How about that you use their name in your newsletter title to attract their attention? This will tell them you offer the information that they want. Here are some good newsletter names...

  • Affiliate Marketers Weekly
  • Work at Home Moms
  • Pet Lovers Tips & Trends

#3. Catchy Newsletter Names

Depending on your target market, this type of name can work for you. The benefit to these kind of names is that they're catchy and easy to remember. They're just creative names out of no where.

However, their weakness is that your audience can't understand what your newsletter is about. So you need to provide them with a short description everywhere you introduce your newsletter. Here are some creative newsletter names...

  • The Great Gordino
  • Scootey Lindo
  • Zapping Tides
  • Blue Velvet Times

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