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If a prospect says "who are you?" when they see you, you're ... If you aren't a ... ... then your ... going to stand out in the ... mind either. Here aresome stra

If a prospect says "who are you?" when they see you,Guest Posting you're in
trouble. If you aren't a memorable salesperson, then your company
isn't going to stand out in the prospect's mind either. Here are
some strategies on how to be remembered.

Remember special events. You could send a birthday card to a
person who has never bought something from you. Who knows? You
might be the only person who remembered their birthday and
they'll sign a contract with you the next day.

Make sure that your thank you notes are handwritten. This is
especially important today in this computerized world. You can
also fax or send a cartoon or article that applies to your

Learn you prospect's interests. For example, if they mention
that they enjoy playing board games, then on your next visit
bring them a small game. Make sure that the gift is inexpensive
and appropriate.

Build an emotional rapport. Talk about things you have in
common. People enjoy buying from a salesperson who they feel is
interested in them, not just their order.

You sell by being different! Perhaps it won't work 100% of the
time, but it is possible that sales could double or triple by
being a little more creative. You can't lose a sale that you
don't have.

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