“How to Create a Press Kit to Book Radio Interviews”

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Learn exactly what you need in your press kit to help you book a radio interview.  This article will help you craft a press kit that has the radio show hosts clamoring for your interview.

What is included in a press kit?  Why do I need one to book a radio interview?

  • A press kit comes in a double pocket portfolio.  Use a color other than white or manila so that your press kit stands out.
  • Always put “Requested Material Enclosed” on the outside of the envelope so it is not thrown away as junk mail.
  • Write the address on the envelope by hand.  Don’t type it because then it looks like a mass mailing which is usually thrown away.
  • Include an extra book cover that is attached to the front of the press kit.

Include your press release on the left hand side of the press kit.  People read from left to right and you want them to look at your press release first.

Let’s look at your press release in detail.

The most important thing is the headline.  The headline is the topic of your show.  Have a sub headline and then a box of bullet points.  Instead of the “For Immediate Release” say “Available for Interview”.  Your bio and picture is on the right hand side.  Include statistics because the media loves statistics.

Next is the list of sample questions.  These questions should be placed behind the press release in press kit folder.

Your list of sample questions is a choreographed script for radio interview host to follow.  The interviewers love to use because they don’t have time to prepare and read your book.  You provide them a turnkey interview for them.  This significantly increases your chances of obtaining a radio interview.  Make it as easy as you can for the interviewer to interview you.

Basically you should have 10-15 sample questions,Guest Posting 1 page only, in the specific order you want.

Tip:  Make sure to list how long it takes you to answer each question.  For example, question #1 might take you 1 minute to answer.  Radio show hosts are dependent upon time for their show.  They have breaks, news, etc. that they must follow. 

Giving these time features shows that you are a seasoned pro.

Behind this sample list of question in your press kit you should have a “controversy sheet”.  This sheet lists argues or drawings that help you set up an argument about your book topic.  You can use a cartoon that looks like the Sunday funnies in the newspaper.

A host can use this controversy sheet to set up an argument.  It is great for talk radio.  It allows you and the radio show host to involve the audience by arguing.  The radio station host can pose the question that you provide and then ask his audience to call in.

Your press kit should also include letters of recommendations and clippings.  These items give you credibility.  After a great show make sure to ask for a recommendation from a radio show host.  Make sure they write it on their radio station stationary.  Your clippings can also include articles written about you in newspapers and magazines.

Place these items in your press kit and you will greatly increase your chances of snapping up radio interviews.

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